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Which cafes in Wrocław are worth visiting?

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Wrocław is a city located in south-western Poland, in the Lower Silesian Voivodship. The city is known for its rich history, in which different cultures, traditions and religions intermingle. The aesthetic qualities of Wrocław and its dynamic development attract many tourists of all ages to the capital of Lower Silesia. Most often they are students who choose Wrocław for its rich educational offer, but older people can also find something for themselves in this city.

What else can Wrocław offer

In addition to its rich educational offer and tourist attractions, Wrocław also boasts a large number of gastronomic establishments where you can spend a pleasant time. There are many renowned restaurants with a unique atmosphere. Particularly noteworthy are cafés, of which there are many in Wrocław. They are the ideal place for a first date or an intimate outing with friends. What cafés are worth visiting in Wrocław? In this article, you will learn about 5 unique places, which are definitely worth going to, when you are in the capital of Lower Silesia.

5 best coffee shops in Wroclaw

When it comes to coffee shops, Wrocław is a city with many such establishments. In this article, we will focus on the best caféswhich are located in Wrocław. All of these places are perfect for a first date or going out with friends. Which cafés in Wrocław are worth visiting?

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Blossome Cafe

Blossome Café is a café dedicated to younger people because of its unusual décor. It is a place where you can enjoy a delicious coffeeand also to take beautiful photos. This is because the café has walls for taking photos with your loved one and the ubiquitous pink. The soft armchairs and the view of Wrocław's Market Square also deserve praise. Such a setting is extremely romantic and ideal, for example, for a first date. Blossome Cafe is the ideal café for lovers of pink and unusual décor.

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Cafe Berg

Another a café worth visiting is the Cafe Berg café. It is an ideal place for all those who like to be in contact with nature. This is because the café is located directly on the water, which all nature lovers will certainly appreciate. The location is extremely picturesque and perfect for a date or a solitary afternoon coffee break. At Cafe Berg, you can taste the best coffees originating from Africa and South America. Currently, you can also taste many seasonal coffees there, available only in winter.

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Cafe Lille

Another suggestion is the newly opened Cafe Lille, which is characterised by its unique décor and wide range of different types of desserts. This is because here you can taste many delicious cakes that go perfectly with coffee. Cafe Lille is the ideal place to spend an afternoon with your other half. The decoration of the café allows you to take many aesthetically pleasing photos and allows for a moment of intimacy and romance. The café is open all week until 7pm and is located at 49 Legnicka Street.

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Giselle is a café decorated in French style. It is a unique place on the map of Wrocław, which is definitely worth a visit. Upon entering the café, you can immediately smell the croissants and aromatic coffee. At Café Giselle, you can also taste a variety of delicious seasonal teas. As for the dessert offer, you can find macarons, lavender cakes or a fruit tart here.

The interior design is reminiscent of classic French cafés, making you feel almost like you are in the French capital at Café Giselle. It is the perfect place for a date, going out with friends or going out alone for a coffee.

Website: Giselle
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Parrot Coffee

Parrot Coffee is by far the most unique place in this list, a must-visit for any animal lover. The interior of the café is very cosy, and colour is added by the ubiquitous parrots, which put visitors to the café in the perfect mood. It is the perfect place to take a break from the grey of winter.

At Parrot Coffee, you can sample a variety of delicious cakes and seasonal coffees and teas. Every café lover should definitely visit Parrot Coffee while in Wrocław.

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Other places worth mentioning

The cafés listed above represent only a few of the many establishments available in Wrocław. There are also several other noteworthy cafes in this city. Many of them are very popular. One such place, for example, is Koton, which is a cat café. This is a great place for all lovers of cats and good coffee. The aforementioned café has a very warm and cosy décor, and the cats that are omnipresent everywhere make the café very popular among many people. At the Koton café, you can try many delicious cakes and tasty coffee, and you can also take photos with the cats present, who are happy to socialise with the café's guests.

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