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Where to go for coffee in Krakow?

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Krakow is the second largest city in Poland. Many students and tourists flock to this city. Krakow has many historical monuments. Very much appreciated are also local cafés. You can enjoy delicious coffee or tea in them. It is worth finding out which cafés are definitely worth recommending.

Cafes Krakow

For coffee lovers, there is no shortage of cafés in Krakow. Many of them are places that have been appreciated for years. The best are located in the Old Town and in the vicinity of St Mary's Church. Good coffee shops are also appearing in other districts of Krakow. Therefore, every coffee lover will find an interesting place in Krakow. It is worth noting that, in addition to modern establishments, there is no shortage of cafés on the map of this city that have been serving coffee for several generations. In the centre of Krakow alone, there are dozens of places worth your attention. However, it's good to find out which cafés are the best. It goes without saying that coffee is not the same as coffee. For this reason, we have compiled a list of the best cafés. With such a ranking, it is possible to find out which cafés are the best rated by customers over the years. Interestingly, some cafés are hidden in a labyrinth of beautiful streets. They encourage visitors with their interesting decor.

Cafes in Krakow - a list of the five best-rated in years

Karma Coffee Roastery

A popular café in Krakow is the Karma Coffee Roastery. The venue has received numerous positive reviews over the years. Karma currently boasts two locations. One cafe is closer to the Market Square and the other is located in the heart of Kazimierz, i.e. on Wawrzyńca Street. There is also a smoking room in that location. This second location is definitely more appreciated by Kraków residents and tourists. This is mainly because of the opportunity to watch the entire coffee brewing process. In addition, during the summer or autumn, you can enjoy a large terrace. This café serves great coffees with a rich aroma. They are primarily brewed using alternative methods. The restaurant is decorated in an austere Berlin style.

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Karma Coffee Roastery
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Massolit is now an institution with 4 venues, but loyal regulars rate Massolit Books&Cafe best. It is a place like in the moviesas it is hidden between the streets. This café is filled with foreign language books to be bought on the spot. Above all, customers are attracted by its charm and mystery, but other locations are also recommendable.

Website: Massolit Books&Cafe
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Leaven is a very popular caféwhich is also a combination café, bakery and breakfast bar. It turns out that after the opening of a new, bigger location on Kościuszki street in Krakow's Salwator, the queues have only got a little smaller, but you don't have to be discouraged because a lot of people queue mainly for the bread, and a place at a table becomes vacant in the blink of an eye. In addition to the freshly baked goods, you can also eat delicious vege breakfastsand in addition well-brewed coffees.

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Café Furnished

The Furnished Café has been a popular choice for coffee lovers for many years. First and foremost, it has several important features. It serves delicious lemon tarte tatin. In addition, it stands out for its interesting design, which is reminiscent of the 1950s and 1960s. In addition, it is located opposite the National Museum in Krakow, which makes it a great café to relax in after standing in a queue. Customers can count on delicious breakfasts and french pastries. This café has been appreciated by Krakow's residents and tourists for years. At an affordable price, you can eat a very tasty lunch, as well as taste great coffee.

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Merry Cafe

For years, a popular and highly regarded café has been the Wesoła Cafe. The first steps upon arriving in Krakow are well directed towards this café. First of all, it offers amazing brewed coffees not only by traditional methods, but also by alternative methods. Moreover, the advantage of this cafe is that it is conveniently located. Wesoła Cafe is located close to the railway station, as it is on Rakowiecka Street. In addition to great coffees you can also count on a wide selection of breakfasts, sandwichesand in addition cakes. Therefore, every person will find something good for themselves. This is a café that has been recommended for years. Customers can also enjoy the charming interior with its famous neon sign, plus a pleasant courtyard. The only downside of this place is that it is not uncommon to have to wait for a table. However, this is not surprising as the place has been appreciated by coffee lovers for years, so there are often queues. It is definitely worth booking a table in advance.

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