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Where do you get a good cup of coffee in Katowice? Use our recommendation

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Most of us cannot imagine a morning without it. Did you know that nearly 7 out of 10 Poles admit to regularly drinking coffee every day? This shows how important this beverage is in our society. Coffee has a stimulating effect and drinking it is also fun and a great opportunity to take a break from work. Of course, once in a while it's worth having a real coffee, the kind you probably won't make yourself in your home kitchen. We know a place where you can have a really good coffee in Katowice.

Why visit the café regularly?

Understandably, in the daily rush, it is difficult to find even a moment to visit a coffee shop. So we settle for coffee made in the kitchen or in the company annex. This is usually instant, brewed coffee, or perhaps from a filter coffee machine or capsule coffee maker.

More fortunate are those who own a good quality espresso machine, or have the time to treat themselves to a café coffee every day. Even then, however, we advise that you allow yourself to go to a coffee shop every now and then.

Good coffee - what does that actually mean?

Let's face it: the criterion for a good coffee is not met by what we drink at home, let alone at work. For the most part, we indulge in coffee-like drinks that have little in common with what you might enjoy in a really good coffee shop.

A good coffee is first and foremost one that:

  • It has been prepared from high quality, freshly milled grains;
  • It is served on the fly, it does not stand for hours in a jug;
  • It has the character that best suits the coffee drinker;
  • It was prepared using the appropriate equipment;
  • High-quality ingredients, such as milk, have been added;

Making really good coffee yourself is of course possible, but it would be time-consuming. This is the main reason why every coffee-loving person should go to a café once in a while. In Katowice, we know a place that is worth visiting first.

Kafej café - here you can enjoy a great cup of coffee

In search of possibly the best coffee in Katowice we invite you to Kafej. It is a small café that has a cult status in the Upper Silesian capital.

At the café, you'll enjoy a variety of coffees made especially for you by a professional barista. The café uses only the finest beans, as well as excellent equipment, to conjure up a drink with a flavour you are sure not to forget for a long time.

However, Kafej is not only coffee, but also, among other things, delicious sweet snacks in the form of desserts from the Słodki Kafej confectionery manufactory. If you are not yet familiar with their taste, it is high time to catch up, which you can do right here in the Kafej café.

The café also serves delicious, nutritious and healthy breakfasts, which are available on an all-day breakfast formula - meaning you don't have to get up early in the morning to start your day with breakfast. There are, of course, items on the menu for vegans and vegetarians, as well as for fans of classic sets with eggs or frankfurters.

What also sets the Kafej café apart is the fantastic atmosphere of the place, but you'll have to find out for yourself.

You can read more about why it's worth popping into a Kafej café in search of a really good coffee in Katowice in this article on the following website https://kafej.pl/dobra-kawa-katowice-w-kafej-cos-dla-siebie-znajda-nawet-najwieksi-smakosze-czarnego-napoju/.

Where is the Kafej café located?

You will find the Kafej café in Katowice at 5 Chorzowska Street, so very close to the city centre. It is a good spot for people working in the business district of Katowice, students, but also tourists who want to take a break from sightseeing in a comfortable environment while sipping a delicious coffee and eating something sweet.

Café Kafej is easily accessible by public transport, can be reached on foot and there are also safe parking spaces nearby.

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