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What is worth knowing about instant coffee?

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Many people cannot imagine a day without fications of coffee. The choice is, of course, enormous. Nowadays, the use of coffee machines has become a major convenience. You can quickly and easily make yourself a delicious drink to stimulate you first thing in the morning. Some people opt exclusively for loose coffee, but there is also no shortage of instant coffee lovers. In the case of the latter, there are several types, depending on how they are obtained. It is worth finding out more at topic of coffee soluble.

Where did instant coffee come from and how is it made?

Instant coffee is a great solution for people who are in a hurry. It comes in the form of a ready blend, a concentrate in liquid or dry form. Instant coffee first appeared in the late 18th century in the UK. The aim was to produce a product that would last a long time and remain fresh. Initially, instant coffee was popular with soldiers during the Second World War. Several decades passed until freeze-drying technology was finally developed. This made it possible to create coffee in the form of powder or large granules that dissolve quickly when combined with water. It was thus possible to produce a beverage with a taste very similar to regular coffee. Freeze-drying is the process of drying raw material using low pressure and negative temperature.

Instant coffee can also be dried, which allows water to be removed to create a powder. There is also agglomeration, which is the process of combining the powdered particles to produce larger granules. The highest quality instant coffee is considered to be a freeze-dried product. It is in the form of crystals. You have to be careful because the composition of instant coffee can vary. Sometimes the coffee itself is only a few tens of per cent there. The beans are roasted, then ground and brewed in large tanks. This produces a concentrate, which is filtered, purified and dried using negative temperatures or hot air.

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Is drinking instant coffee healthy?

Many people wonder whether instant coffee is healthy. The key issue will always be what it is made of. If poor-quality raw materials are used and substances are added to the concentrate, it is unlikely that there will be any health benefits. You need to be an informed consumer and only choose products from a reliable source. Otherwise, the instant coffee you buy may even be harmful. To coffee production soluble usually use inferior quality grains that have various defects. Careful reading of the ingredients is essential. Unfortunately, many people do not look at the label. However, it is worth doing this to see how many undesirable additives are in instant coffees.

There are chemical colourings, thickeners and stabilisers in them. Unfortunately, coffee can even be contaminated with heavy metals, which are dangerous for the body. If someone already opts for instant coffee, which is most often due to convenience, they should go for a good quality product. It is recommended to choose instant coffee only from reputable manufacturers. Only coffee should be included in the composition. It is important that the manufacturer guarantees that the product has been tested for pathogens. Unfortunately, poor quality beans very often contain mould spores, various parasites. It is easy to guess that a beverage prepared from such raw material has nothing to do with health. In fact, it can make them worse.

Instant or loose coffee? Which is better?

Loose and instant coffee differ primarily in their production methods, form and brewing method. If one wants the least processed product possible, one should bet on traditional coffee. Soluble is unfortunately subjected to numerous processes. One could even say that it is only a substitute for coffee. It is created from a previously prepared concentrate. Another issue is that there are negligible amounts of caffeine in instant coffee. If someone is expecting a stimulating effect, they will be disappointed. Of course, there is no shortage of people who reach for instant coffee precisely because they like the taste, but do not want to provide their body with stimulants in the form of caffeine.

In its favour is the convenience and speed of preparation. Simply pour hot water over the powder or granules and the drink is ready in a moment. The variety of flavours is also good news for many people. Very often, instant coffee comes in a variety of flavours. It is therefore possible to enjoy vanilla, caramel, chocolate and so on. Sometimes, manufacturers also add various minerals. However, it must be reckoned with the fact that instant coffee has low taste and aroma qualities due to lengthy technological processes. It is not even possible to verify the quality of the beans due to the fact that the coffee comes in ground form. The content of toxic acrylamide, considered a carcinogen, is also becoming a huge drawback.

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