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Caffeine in coffee - what's worth knowing?

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Coffee is by far one of the most popular drinks in the world. It is drunk every morning by millions of people regardless of gender, profession or social standing. We drink coffee with food, at social gatherings or simply at home for pleasure. Many people drink it for the taste, but the vast majority choose it for its stimulating effect, made possible by the caffeine present in coffee. What is caffeine, how does it affect the body and, above all, what does the amount of caffeine in coffee depend on? At the very end, we will find out how much caffeine is contained in the 5 most popular types of coffee.

What is caffeine?

So where do you start when it comes to finding out about caffeine? First of all, of course, you need to find out what this substance is in the first place. So what is caffeine?

Caffeine is a chemical compound that is commonly found in many plants, including, of course, coffee beans. It was discovered as a chemical compound in 1819 by Friedrich Runge. From where caffeine originated in plants? As it turns out, it is part of their defence system. It has the effect of paralysing and repelling all sorts of insects that can be harmful to plants.

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How does caffeine work?

Now that we know what caffeine is and why plants produce it, it is worth finding out how it affects the human body. What exactly makes it such a valuable substance that millions of people reach for it every day?

As any coffee lover is well aware, caffeine has a very strong stimulating effect. It not only raises blood pressure, but also speeds up the heart rate. It therefore causes strong inflow of energywhich so many people need in the morning.

What is very important, however, is that caffeine has an addictive effect. In other words, if you drink coffee in the morning for a long time, one day you will not be able to start the day without it. The body will even demand it and the same mechanisms will be at work in the body as in the case of other addictions, such as alcohol or cigarettes.

What factors influence the amount of caffeine?

However, as every coffee lover knows, depending on the particular coffee you drink, it has a different taste but, above all, different stimulating effects. This is all due to the fact that each coffee can have a different caffeine content. However, before moving on to the most important issue, i.e. how much caffeine does an instant coffee have and how much does an espresso have, it is worth finding out first what the amount of caffeine in coffee depends on.

By far the most important thing that determines the amount of caffeine in a coffee is the type of bean from which it was brewed. There are many fantastic varieties of coffee on the market, but Arabica and Robusta are undoubtedly among the most popular.

Another critically important consideration is the degree of roasting of the coffee. Light roasted beans admittedly do not have such an intense flavour and aroma, but they definitely have more caffeine. The darker the beans, the flavour improves and the caffeine content decreases.

There is no denying that the amount of caffeine in coffee is of great importance. A small coffee will have much less of it than a larger one.

Finally, however, it is important to know that by far the most important thing is which particular coffee you are drinking. One type of coffee will definitely have more caffeine, while another will have less.

How much caffeine is in a cup of the 5 most popular types of coffee?

So, as you can see, by far the most important factor influencing the amount of caffeine in a coffee is what kind of coffee it will be. So how much caffeine can be found in the 5 most popular types of coffee?

The most caffeine-rich coffee is, of course, espresso. This coffee is made by squeezing a small amount of high-temperature water under high pressure through extremely finely ground coffee beans. 35 ml of this coffee can contain as much as 65 mg of pure caffeine.

The second type of coffee often drunk is cappuccino. It is prepared on the basis of espresso but with the addition of milk. This makes the amount of caffeine exactly the same.

One of the most popular coffees in the world is brewed coffee. It is prepared by pouring hot water over ground beans. This type of coffee can contain up to 140 mg of caffeine in a standard cup of about 250 ml.

Another popular coffee is instant coffee. Like brewed coffee, it is poured over boiling water, but unlike brewed coffee, it begins to dissolve on contact with water. There can be around 80 mg of caffeine in one cup.

Finally, it is worth mentioning decaffeinated coffeewhich is drunk for pleasure and not for its stimulating effect. However, as it turns out, it also has a certain amount of caffeine. To be precise, it is up to 6-7 mg in a cup.

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