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Growing coffee at home - what should you keep in mind?

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The coffee plant can prove to be not only a wonderful crop, but also an amazing pot plant that is worth learning a little more about. The coffee plant is distinguished by its beautifully fragrant white flowers and dark green leaves. It is also worth mentioning that coffee cultivation against all appearances is a simple task, and coffee seedlings do not require any special care.

What should be borne in mind?

Coffee in a pot grows best in fairly moderate temperatures. If possible, choose a bright location. However, remember not to place the pots in direct sunlight. Coffee seedlings prefer a moist substrate. A common mistake during cultivation is overwatering the seedlings. Classic crops are capable of reaching a height of one to two metres. Exotic plants can prove to be the best decoration for a classic or modern living room.

How do you choose the ideal substrate?

For those new to coffee growing, by far the most difficult task is choosing the right substrate. Coffee prefers a slightly acidic and fertile substrate. If you choose a light and permeable substrate, you can be sure that the coffee will grow smoothly. If you choose the wrong substrate, the coffee will unfortunately grow poorly. Diseases that lead to leaf loss are also a common problem. The safest choice is, of course, to buy a ready-made citrus substrate, which can be found in any garden shop.

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Systematic watering

If you have already chosen a suitable substrate, remember to water it regularly. As mentioned above, coffee does not like overwatering. If the substrate is wet coffee will begin to shed its leaves. Experienced gardeners recommend watering the ground with soft water. During the summer season, as you can easily guess, far more frequent watering is necessary than in winter. It is also worth mentioning that potted coffee is also fond of fairly high humidity. If you have a humidifier at home, it is worth placing it right next to the pot. Elegant pots will also look nice next to an aquarium.

What light and temperature?

At the very end, it is worth mentioning temperature and light. The coffee plant thrives best in warm and fairly bright positions. The pot is best placed on a windowsill by a window that faces east/west. As for the temperature itself, the coffee plant will grow best at temperatures between 20 and even 25 degrees. With regular watering, the coffee plant will also do well at lower temperatures without any problems. Few people are aware of the fact that coffee is very sensitive to draughts. Problems can also arise if the plant is exposed to frequent temperature fluctuations. The easiest way to grow coffee plants is to have them ready to use in a pot. With some varieties, it is also important to remember to regularly prune the young plant so that it will grow beautifully.

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