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What is Turkish coffee?

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Turkish coffee has become very popular in recent years. Particularly noteworthy is the fact that coffee in Turkey emerged in the early 16th century. The governor of Yemen, who showed Sultan Suleiman the Great a drink from the coffee beans. The coffee drink was very quickly to the Sultan's liking. Soon Turkish-style coffee was being served throughout the country.

How to prepare Turkish coffee?

The popularity of coffee meant that it was soon drunk practically everywhere. It is worth mentioning that the Turks created a real ritual out of this activity. It is important to remember that drinking coffee requires a certain preparation and celebration. To brew it, you need a traditional pot in the shape of a copper crucible that tapers towards the top. According to popular opinion, the crucible made of copper imparts a unique flavour to Turkish coffee. Pour enough coffee for three cups into the crucible. It is worth bearing in mind that the coffee must be ground to powder and medium roasted. Pour the water into the pot and add a generous amount of sugar and bring to the boil over a low heat. Then stir gently and when foam appears on the surface then remove the crucible from the heat and continue stirring. This process should be repeated at least twice. At the very end, pour a teaspoon of cold water into the brew. This will allow the coffee grounds to quickly sink to the bottom. Pour the coffee into the pre-heated cups. If the coffee is properly brewed it should be in cups covered with a thick layer of foam. It is also good to remember various Turkish customs. The basic custom is that the oldest and most respected person among those gathered is served the first coffee. The cup should not be poured full, as this is a sign of reluctance. Cups should be filled halfway with coffee. Remember to gently chuckle at the coffee while you drink it. Not everyone is aware that in Turkey, coffee used to be served compulsorily during traditional engagements. The bride-to-be would prepare heavily salted coffee for her future betrothed. If the spouse drank it without grimacing, it meant that he or she would make a good husband.

The tradition of Turkish-style coffee

Turkish husbands were obliged to guarantee their wives Turkish coffee at their beck and call. Otherwise, the woman could demand a divorce. It is safe to say that brewing coffee using the Turkish method is a real ritual. It is all about extracting the sweetness, strength and characteristic flavour notes from the coffee. The secret lies in the froth and the method of preparation. Without a doubt, Turkish-style coffee without foam loses its flavour. Around the 15th to 16th century in Yemen, the first references to this the way coffee is brewed. To this day, Turkish coffee is prepared virtually unchanged and is part of the culture and lifestyle of the time. It is important to stress that the water for brewing coffee must be cold, as this brings out the best from the coffee when it is heated. You must grind the beans finely if you are using a strong coffee with sweet flavours. It should be added that sweetening the finished brew spoils the whole effect, which is why sugar is added at the very beginning of brewing. No milk or cream is added to Turkish-style coffee. Among the only permitted additions are cinnamon and cardamom. It should be noted that Turkish-style coffee is always served in special small cups, which are referred to as demitasse. If you do not have such vessels available then you can use espresso cups. The proportions are as follows: one tablespoon of ground coffee for one cup of water and one teaspoon of sugar for two cups of coffee. It is worth experimenting with the amount of sugar added, as the coffee should be sweet. You need to put the sugar, cardamom and finely ground coffee into a pot. Then you pour in the water and put it on a low heat. The most important thing is not to let the water boil. You have to wait a few minutes for the grounds to settle.

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Turkish coffee brewing methods

Traditional Turkish coffee is prepared using a single method. Issues that change according to customer preferences are the amount of spices and sugar. It is also important to mention that the details of the preparation method vary between establishments, as strict standards are not followed. Note that you can prepare Turkish coffee yourself at home using beans from an artisan roaster. Of course, this will take more time than a drink from an espresso machine, but it can be a really interesting change. The basis of coffee Turkish are finely ground grains. It is worth mentioning that the higher the bush grows, the harder the beans. Turkish coffee is a story that many people may find surprising. You don't have to find a chic café at all to enjoy a tasty cup of coffee. There are many household appliances on sale that make the coffee-making process significantly easier. These include not only automatic coffee machines, but also bean grinders. Traditional Turkish-style coffee is brewed in special copper pots. The preparation of this black beverage is not very complicated, so anyone can do it without too much difficulty.

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