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What is organic coffee

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Many people cannot imagine a day without coffee, some reaching for this famous beverage multiple times a day. This is primarily due to its stimulating effect. Opinions on the harmfulness of coffee are very divided. Obviously, if one relies on ground and dark-roasted coffee from the supermarket, one cannot count on high taste or health benefits. The situation is different with organic coffee, which is delightful in many ways. It is the best solution for people who require high quality productswhich are subjected to numerous inspections at every stage of production.

What is organic coffee? What makes it different?

Organic coffee was until recently something unavailable in the well-known food discount stores. It could only be bought in specialised shops and for not inconsiderable amounts of money. More often than not, it was necessary to place an order in order to be able to stock up on a larger quantity and prepare it at home on a daily basis. Organic coffee offered by roasters, a few online shops and reputable coffee shops. Nowadays, it is increasingly common to find eco coffee in popular supermarkets, but of course not all of them. Organic coffee has a special certificate that certifies its origin. Growers must comply with a number of requirements that are imposed at the cultivation and production stage. However, the consumer can be assured that the organic coffee he or she purchases will be free of chemicals and other harmful substances. Artificial fertilisers, insecticides and fungicides must not be used. Regular inspection visits are made to the growers to ensure that the guidelines are being followed. Everything is carefully documented. If someone wants to taste real coffee, with a natural taste and a wealth of active compounds, they should opt for a certified product.

What countries does organic coffee come from and where to look for a good quality product?

The largest producers of organic coffee are Brazil, Colombia and Ethiopia, as well as Mexico and Guatemala. Brazil is the world leader in the export of coffee beans. Most cultivation involves small farms, care is taken to ensure proper plant development and the fruit is harvested by hand. As a major producer of organic coffee, Brazil has high quality beans with high taste and aroma qualities. The best beans are considered to come from crops located in the northern part of the country. This is due to the specific conditions; the coastal climate is very conducive to coffee growers, which translates into outstanding taste qualities. In the eastern regions, on the other hand, many unique coffee varieties are grown, but are not widely available. They can be either spicy or mild, sour, with a hint of citrus, chocolate aroma, etc. If one wants to be sure that it has been purchased certified organic coffeeIf you are looking for organic coffee, your best bet is to get it from an established coffee roaster. You can also look for an online shop that has organic coffee from organic farms. Organic coffees from Peru, Mexico and Ethiopia are highly recommended. The beans on offer are natural, not chemically processed and full of antioxidants.

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