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What is kraft coffee?

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Coffee lovers cannot imagine a day without this unique aroma and taste. To prepare a unique and delicious coffee, it is best to choose coffee beans. Freshly ground beans are the essence of perfection. What is kraft coffee and why should you try it?

What are the characteristics of kraft coffee?

Kraft coffee is also known as artisan coffee. It is a unique offer for those who want to enjoy the unique taste of the best beans. Only the best, carefully selected beans are chosen for its preparation.

Artisanal coffees are characterised by their excellent quality because the beans are usually sourced from specific plantations and regions, making it easier for producers to control the quality and origin of the selected beans. Plantations specialising in the cultivation of beans for kraft coffees base their operations on sustainable and ecological methods. In this way, they not only care about the excellent quality of their products, but also about the environment.

Artisan coffee - what does roasting the beans look like?

W Gorilla Coffee you can enjoy a unique and delicious coffee, and it is important to know that Polish artisanal coffee is prepared in a special way. The beans are roasted in small batches so that you can maintain better control over the preparation process. Thanks to the splitting, the procedure can be individualised, taking into account the specific characteristics of the chosen species, in order to achieve the best possible result.

A characteristic feature is that the process can be carried out in specific roasting profiles. In the coffee roasting plant Warsaw, these are selected individually, depending on the specific characteristics of the chosen coffee type.

The specific preparation and extremely carefully selected beans mean that artisanal coffee is available in a variety of variants and flavours. Among others, those with chocolate, floral or fruity flavours are very popular and popular. There are indeed many flavours available, so that everyone can find their favourite variant.

Why choose kraft coffee?

Artisanal coffee is always worth reaching for. You can also enjoy your favourite flavour every day at home. Simply order, and the online coffee shop will prepare and deliver your order directly to your home.

Artisanal coffee beans are worth reaching for when you value not the quantity of coffee you drink, but its excellent quality and unique flavour. Coffee created to be savoured with every sip. Sourced from a plantation where organic and sustainable farming methods are used. The beans used in the preparation of artisanal coffees are therefore not only of excellent taste, but also of the highest quality.

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