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What is espresso doppio, or the secrets of coffee making

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A visitor who crosses the threshold of a café has usually already planned in advance what he or she will drink. Some people like strong, black coffee with no additives, while for others all the pleasure is coffee with milk, whipped cream and other interesting additives.

What is espresso doppio?

There is no denying that the names of the coffees on the menu in a coffee shop sound quite foreign to a person who does not show much interest in what is going on in the world of coffee. It is worth knowing that the classic coffee in a cup is the Americano. It is the coffee of espresso machinepopular in Poland, in Europe and all over the world. Sometimes the word espresso is very controversial, because people think it is just coffee from the machine. They do not expect that there is so little of this coffee. Meanwhile, after ordering an espresso, the customer will receive only 25-35 ml of the drink. Such a small volume can cause consternation. On more than one occasion, a guest has called the waiter and asked for an explanation because more coffee was expected. It is worth adding that in espresso the flavour is added by the foam, velvety and thick, which not only looks great but is also delicious. It also confirms that the coffee has been made in the right way. Espresso doppio is simply a double espresso.

How to drink espresso doppio?

There are no strict guidelines on how to drink espresso doppio or double espresso. It is certainly worth knowing that it is an excellent base for the preparation of many coffees. Cappuccino or Caffe Latte are just some examples. Recently, Flat White, or white coffee, has become increasingly popular. Adding milk to coffee is a common practice, but the public does not necessarily choose cow's milk. Nowadays, milks, or rather plant-based drinks, are more often chosen. This is because the name milk remains reserved for zoonotic products. Plant-based drinks, which go well with the taste of coffee These include soya and oat drinks, for example, as well as rice drinks. Ordinary plant-based drinks can go well with oatmeal and a variety of smoothies, but to make an excellent coffee, it is worth using the barista version of a plant-based drink. Then your coffee will certainly be remembered by your guests and will have a great taste. Then the milk will be great froth.

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How to make espresso doppio at home?

In order to make espresso doppio at home, a pressurised espresso machine is required. There is no substitute for this machine. When it comes to the type of coffee, pure Arabica, for example, will work perfectly, but some people prefer a blend of Arabica and Robusta. It depends on individual preference. Coffee preparation is a true art. The profession of barista is growing in popularity. Some people are even leaving their careers and well-paid jobs to try their hand at this art. Manual skills and a keen sense of taste are certainly required. When preparing espresso, it is worth remembering to heat the cup in advance, but do not overdo it, as you can burn your hands and lips. When it comes to trying, tasting different coffees, it is certainly not worth limiting yourself. Good coffee costs money, because you have to pay for quality.

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