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Unique coffee shops in Szczecin: Taste the aromatic coffee experience

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Szczecin is a charming city located on the west coast of Poland. As the capital of the West Pomeranian Voivodeship, Szczecin is an important cultural, scientific and economic centre. The city impresses with beautiful monuments such as the Castle of the Pomeranian Dukes, St. James's Cathedral and the Wały Chrobrego (Chrobry Embankment), which attract tourists from all over the world.

Szczecin also offers picturesque parks and recreational areas, including Kasprowicz Park and Rosevelt Garden, ideal for strolling and relaxing. Culture and art lovers will be delighted with the various museums, theatres and art galleries that enliven the city's art scene.

Among the many tourist attractions in Szczecin, there is also no shortage of unique restaurants, cafés and shops where you can taste local specialities and buy unique souvenirs. Szczecin is the ideal place for a quiet holiday on the banks of the Oder and discovering the fascinating history and rich culture of the region.

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Cafes Szczecin

Szczecin has many charming cafeswhich attract both locals and tourists. This city offers a variety of cafés with a unique character and a pleasant atmosphere.

Cafes in Szczecin are scattered in various parts of the city. The largest concentration of cafes can be found in the very centre, especially around deptak Bogusława, Plac Grunwaldzki and along Mariacka, Św. Jana and Wojska Polskiego streets. These are places where you will find many cafés that offer a varied menu and a unique coffee experience.

The interiors of Szczecin's cafés are varied and cater for different tastes. You can find both cosy cafés with a rustic décor with wooden furniture and soft armchairs, as well as modern cafés with a minimalist design with industrial touches. The atmosphere in cafés is usually relaxed and friendly, creating the perfect place to meet, read a book or work on your laptop.

A variety of drinks can be enjoyed in Szczecin's cafés. You can try traditional espresso coffee, aromatic cappuccino, exquisite lattes with various flavoured syrups or refreshing tea-based drinks. In addition to coffees, many cafés also offer a wide selection of teas, smoothies, fruit cocktails and delicious cakes and desserts to complete the coffee experience.

TOP 5 best cafes in Szczecin

Corona Coffee Kaszubska

Corona Coffee Kaszubska is a place that impresses with its industrial décor. Exposed brick walls, rustic furniture and muted colours create an atmosphere of raw elegance. Here you can enjoy aromatic coffees prepared by experienced baristas. The menu ranges from classic espresso to innovative coffee compositions. Unforgettable flavours and an intimate atmosphere make a visit to Corona Coffee Kaszubska a real pleasure.

Website: Corona Coffee Kaszubska
Instagram: Corona Coffee Kaszubska
Facebook: Corona Coffee Kaszubska

A haven for coffee

The coffee haven is a place that welcomes guests with cosy vintage-style décor. Soft pastel colours, soft cushions and elegant tables create a welcoming environment for relaxing and enjoying coffee. Here you can find a wide selection of coffee drinks, such as classic espresso, velvety cappuccino or unique lattes with different flavoured syrups. The coffee haven is the perfect place for a relaxing meeting with friends or a moment of solitude with a good book.

Instagram: A haven for coffee
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#Alternatively is a café with a unique character that attracts lovers of unconventional coffee experiences. The interior is full of colour, original designs and artistic elements. It is a place where you can try coffee experiments, such as spiced coffee or unique flavour combinations. The barista at #Alternatively will be happy to share their coffee knowledge and surprise you with new aromas. This café is an oasis for those seeking new coffee experiences.

Website: #Alternatively
Instagram: #Alternatively
Facebook: #Alternatively

Café 22

Café 22 is a café that impresses with its minimalist design. Light wood, clean lines and modern accents create an interior full of elegance and tranquillity. In the atmosphere of Café 22, you can quietly enjoy an excellent coffee. Exceptional espressos, aromatic lattes and exquisite cappuccinos are served here. In addition, the cafe you can enjoy healthy snacks, fresh juices and a variety of teas. Café 22 is a place where lovers of simplicity and refined taste come together.

Website: Café 22
Instagram: Café 22
Facebook: Café 22

sky coffee

Sky Coffee is a café that provides a unique view of the city skyline. Located on the upper floor of the building, it offers not only delicious coffee but also spectacular views. The interior of Sky Coffee is modern, minimalist and open. Here you can order traditional espressos, creamy lattes or refreshing iced drinks. The relaxed atmosphere and breathtaking views make a visit to Sky Coffee an unforgettable experience.

Facebook: sky coffee


Szczecin has many exceptional cafés with a diverse character and beverage offering. Whether you prefer austere elegance, cosy vintage or artistic extravagance, in Szczecin you will find a caféwhich will meet your expectations and provide you with unforgettable moments over a cup of excellent coffee.

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