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The perfect coffee for the home: Discovering the perfect flavour

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Much has been written about coffee, and even a cursory examination of shop shelves or websites means that the variety of varieties and blends can be overwhelming. So how do you choose the beans that perfectly suit your tastes and needs. Aromas, flavours, intensity are just some of the characteristics to consider. Besides, we often become attached to coffees from certain regions of the world, varieties or blends. And there is no shortage of possibilities.

A wealth of flavours in the coffee shop

The coffee shop is where a true paradise of aromatic beans awaits you. The variety of flavours, the intensity of roasting and the origin of the beans are just some of the factors that influence the final taste of coffee. The key to finding the perfect coffee is to experiment and explore different varieties. A wide selection of beans from different regions of the world will certainly inspire you to try. One that remains very popular is coffee beans from Brazilbut customers are also keen on beans from Africa or Asia. Instead, it is worth tasting different types and immersing oneself in a world of unique aromas.

Choose according to your taste preferences

Everyone has slightly different tastes, so the key to finding the perfect coffee is to consider your taste preferences. Professional shops offer a variety of beans that vary in intensity, acidity, body and flavour. If you prefer mild, delicate flavours, choose a coffee with a lower intensity and softer flavour profile. If, on the other hand, you prefer a pronounced and intense experience, look for a coffee with higher intensity and full body. And don't forget the aroma, which is equally important. In addition, each  coffee beans from Ethiopia, Brazil or Colombia is described in detail, facilitating an informed choice for both the layperson and those who already have some experience in the subject.

Does the method of grinding and the coffee machine make a difference?

The shop offers coffee beans from Colombia and from other parts of the world. These are popular proposals that are trusted by customers. Often, they are also certainties. In addition to the beans, of course, many people are also interested in the accessories. And there are as many options as there are brewing techniques. When choosing a coffee machine, it is therefore worth paying attention to the type of extraction, brewing modes and functions that will allow you to adapt the coffee taste to your preferences. It is also important to choose the right grind size. This is of paramount importance, especially when preparing it using different brewing methods. The wrong grind can significantly affect the final taste of the beverage in the cup, leading to flatness, bitterness or excessive dilution, which is reflected in a lack of aroma clarity.

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