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Coffee Guide: Discover the flavours and secrets of the world's coffee

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Coffee is one of the most popular stimulants, loved by some and avoided by others. It has its supporters and opponents, with regard to its taste and impact on the body. Nowadays, there are many ways to prepare the essential drink, so it is worth learning about them and testing them out in order to choose the best option for you. 

The history of coffee: From the bean to the cup

The path of the beans from plantation to packaging and sale is a long one. It all begins, of course, with the planting of the coffee plants, which takes place primarily during the rainy season. The soil must be moist, the optimum air temperature is important, and proper shade is essential. Providing the right conditions ensures that the plants can root well. The next step is to pick the fruit, because the seeds are inside. Then you can move on to processing them. 

Different methods are used, namely wet, dry or a honey variant. Once the grains have been processed, they are dried, the moisture must be removed, which is done using the sun or machines. The dry grains are taken to a warehouse, stored there in jute or sisal bags. The next step is sorting by size. This is followed by transporting the coffee in big bags, special barrels or crates. They reach the roasting plant where they can be purchased. 

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Amazing uses for coffee beyond brewing

Coffee is not just for drinking, it has a wide range of uses. It can be used as a scrub for the body, face, hands, feet, scalp. All you need to do is mix the ground beans or grounds with olive oil or other oil. Many people don't know, but coffee is great for warding off cats, especially when combined with orange peel.

There is no point in throwing away the grounds, as they can be used as a scouring agent. They are ideal for dishes that have been burnt with grease. There is a lot of nitrogen in the grounds, so you can use them as a fertiliser for plants. Simply mix the grounds into the soil or make life even easier and pile them on top of the soil. Coffee is a natural air freshener and is sensational in absorbing unpleasant odours from the fridge and freezer. 

Coffee trends: What's trending in the world of coffee?

Every now and then, new café trends emerge that follow closely coffee lovers. The tonic has become very popular espressowhich is a refreshing drink, ideal for hot weather. Cold brew, or cold macerated coffee, can also be recommended. Simply steeping the ground beans in cold water for a longer period of time produces a strong-tasting, low-acid drink. There is clearly a growing shift away from animal milk to plant-based drinks. 

Almond milk, oat milk, coconut milk, etc. are being added to coffee. The demands on coffee machines are also increasing. Modern models allow you to control water temperature, pressure, steam power. CBD coffee has also become a hit, which more and more cafés are offering. You can count on a drink with cannabidiol oil, which has a calming effect, soothes the nervous system and makes it easier to relax. 

Coffee machines: How to choose the best model?

There are many types of coffee machines on sale and they have different functions. The cheapest and simplest are coffee makers. Another option would be a pour-over coffee machine with paper filters. Capsule machines, a time-saving, convenient solution, are becoming increasingly popular. If you want a coffee that tastes and smells good quickly, you should opt for a pressurised coffee machine. Cask, semi-automatic and automatic models are available. 

The latter offer the greatest convenience in use, with just a few clicks on the machine and you can have an essential drink after a while. When purchasing a coffee machine, there are a few important things to bear in mind, namely the strength of the pressure, the number of drinks to choose from, the ability to personalise the coffee according to your preferences, the intuitive operation, the automatic cleaning mode. The capacity of the coffee, water and milk containers is also important. You should check the availability of the function for adjusting the intensity of the coffee and the strength of the machine and whether a grinder is built in. 

The art of coffee brewing: secrets of the perfect beverage

It is many ways of making coffeedepending on its type and preferences. If one is looking for the highest quality product, then one should get artisan products. The roast master has the knowledge, experience and expertise to know how to get the best out of the beans. Of course, roasters use computers and special software, but everything still has to be overseen by a professional. 

If the coffee is to retain its health-promoting properties, it is advisable to prepare it in an overpressure filter coffee machine. The optimum water temperature in such a machine is considered to be 88 to 92 degrees Celsius, a pressure of 9 bar and a brewing time of 25 to 30 seconds. The beans should be purchased from an approved roaster and ground just before the coffee is ready. brewing

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