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The best coffee brewing methods: From tradition to modernity

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Many people cannot imagine a day without an aromatic cup of coffee. It is a beverage that virtually everyone drinks. Coffee gives you energy and allows you to immerse yourself for a moment in the extraordinary aroma of freshly ground beans. There are many types of coffee, as well as methods for brewing it. 

Café, transfer or espresso machine? Choose your favourite brewing method

The taste and aroma of coffee depends not only on the type of coffee, but also on the its brewing methods. Depending on your expectations and the result, you can choose coffee from a café, an espresso machine and a pour-over brewing method. 

Coffee is brewed in a café using the traditional method. What exactly does this mean? Brewing is done by heating water. This water passes through the ground coffee beans, creating an aromatic drink. It has a strong and quite distinctive flavour. This method is very popular in Italy. The advantage of the coffee maker is its low price, as well as its ease of use. There is also no need to clean it regularly. 

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The pour-over method of brewing coffee is used in many coffee shops. Hot water is poured manually or aromatically through a filter containing freshly ground coffee. It has a light yet distinctive flavour. With the overflow method, you can experiment with different parameters, resulting in interesting flavours and aromas. 

Coffee machines that are very popular are those that make coffee in many different ways. In the shops, you can find automatic, vacuum coffee makers with a variety of functions to produce coffee with a variety of flavours.

As you can see, there are quite a few brewing methods. The choice depends primarily on individual preference.  

Chemex, Aeropress, French press: Alternative ways to perfect espresso

One of the favourite coffees of many Poles is espresso. This small dose of coffee puts everyone on their feet. Traditionally, a espresso machine is used for brewing. However, there are alternative ways to achieve a similar taste. 

The first way is to use a Chemex pot. This is a specially designed pot with a filter in which you can brew coffee using the pour-over method. To make espresso, use less water in relation to the amount of coffee. 

The Aeropress is a portable device with which an alternative version of espresso can be prepared. The machine uses a technology that combines the pour-over and pressure method. Coffee and water are placed in a cylinder. By pressing the piston, pressure is created. This is how aromatic coffee is obtained. 

The final method is the French Press method. It is brewed by maceration, which makes the coffee taste delicious. For best results, use finely ground coffee and the extraction time should be shortened. 

Latte art secrets: How to prepare beautiful designs on coffee? 

Many people go to cafés to drink a tasty latte art. However, taste is not everything. It is also the beautiful patterns that baristas have worked out to perfection that catch the eye. Can you make such designs yourself at home? Of course. To begin with, frothed milk is essential. It should always be fresh milk with a high fat content. The milk is heated to around 60 degrees. The next step is to create a creamy foam. If the foam is already made, then the coffee needs to be brewed. The coffee must be uniform so that perfect patterns can be made on it. Pour the frothed milk over the coffee. The pot must be close to the surface of the coffee. The patterns are created starting from the centre of the cup. Then lift the jug a little and try to create a shape. Of course, the beginnings can be difficult, but all you need is a little patience and perseverance. After just a few attempts, you can make a beautiful heart or leaf on the coffee. To start with a heart, which is a fairly easy pattern. Latte art is a coffee that can easily be created at home. With regular practice, experimentation and a variety of techniques, you can create masterpieces that all your guests will enjoy. 

Coffee grinder: why invest in a quality machine? 

Good coffee is made from freshly ground beans. It is therefore worth investing in a good quality coffee grinder. In a good quality grinder you can control the grinding. There are grinders with adjustments so that you can get different types of coffee. A better coffee grinder ensures uniform grinding, which is very important for even coffee extraction. Such machines are also more efficient and durable, so they will last for many years without any problems. High-quality coffee grinders offer possibility to brew coffee by the pour-over method, Chemex or French Press. This allows you to experiment with flavour and aroma. 

Coffee to go: the best ways to enjoy your favourite drink on the go

Coffee is salutary during a long journey. It immediately makes the day better. You can buy take-away coffee at any petrol station, as well as in many shops or cafés. Take-away coffee can also be prepared at home. Simply invest in a thermal mug. Many cars have special holders for such mugs, so you can always have your coffee at hand and take a sip when your eyelids are closing or when you want to recharge with new energy. 

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