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The best coffee brewing methods for real gourmets

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There are many ways of brewing coffee around the world to extract the best aromas from the beans for an extraordinary taste experience. If you would like to find out how to prepare the perfect brew and whether it is possible to make latte designs yourself at home, please read this guide. 

Preparing the perfect brew - choosing the right method and proportions

The perfect coffee - does it even exist? Everyone has different taste preferences, so for one person a delicate brew will be best, while another cannot imagine any other coffee than espresso. However, in each case, regardless of type of coffee It is the proportions and the brewing method that count. When it comes to how to make this delicious brew, there are many methods to choose from, including the equipment used to brew the coffee. More important, however, are the proportions, but also the water, which significantly affects the final taste and aroma. The most important thing is that the water should not be devoid of minerals, but should be free of iron and chlorine. The water should be free of iron and chlorine, but should also be free of magnesium and calcium ions. As far as proportions are concerned, there are various recipes, one of which is worth mentioning and that is the ratio of 1:17 - obviously not for the preparation of espresso. 

Coffee maker or dripper? Comparison of the different brewing methods 

The most popular ways to brew coffee use a coffee machine or drippers, which can easily be bought in shops for little money. A coffee maker is a great alternative for espresso fans who don't want to spend a lot of money on a pressure machine. Be sure to buy a grinder to get everything possible out of your coffee. The dripper is an uncomplicated vessel in which the coffee is brewed using paper filters. The coffee prepared with this equipment has a subtle flavour that will bring anyone to their feet. 

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Latte art secrets - how to create beautiful designs on coffee? 

Although coffee tempts with its aroma from afar, additional designs on the coffee make it even more appealing to take a sip of this exquisite and unique brew. You don't have to go to a café to drink a latte with a heart or other design, because you can prepare such wonders yourself at home using simple tools. All it takes is a little willingness and patience, because of course, the first time will not always be a success. What is the secret of baristas? Actually, it is no secret at all, because it is essential to have well-foamed milk, but there must be no air bubbles on the surface. You should therefore bang the jug on the countertop and you can start creating masterpieces. You also need to know that it is not possible to create such patterns on every coffee...the best and most beautiful images can be made on a sweet layer of espresso. 

Fragrant rituals: traditional brewing methods from around the world 

Each coffee has its supporters as well as its opponents, but what is certain is that all over the world it is prepared in different ways so as to bring out the best aromas and flavours. In some cultures, a small black is drunk, while in other parts of the world, different flavours can be sensed from afar, attracting you and not letting you go. The traditional method is, of course, to brew ground coffee, but even with this method it is worth bearing in mind a few things, namely: 

- Coffee must be freshly ground, 

- Taste is influenced by water, 

- The brewing temperature should be between 90 and 96 degrees. 

Speciality coffee from different regions, but with unique climatic and soil characteristics, is becoming increasingly popular. The whole process has to be precise, and the most popular method is the watering-down method, where a dripper is mostly used. The world of coffee It also offers different flavours, which are brought out by the presence of specially selected extracts, spices or natural oils. If you'd like to try something special, it's worth trying the cold brew method, which involves soaking the ground coffee for up to 24 hours in cold water. 

Does a paper filter affect the taste of coffee? News and trends in the filter world 

Many factors influence the final flavour and aroma of coffee, and do filters also affect the final result? It all depends on the type of filters, and therefore the quality and method of bleaching. Perhaps it's worth starting at the beginning, and that is that there are two types of paper filters: bleached and unbleached. Unbleached are natural, as no bleaching agents are used in their production. This does not at all mean that bleached filters can interfere with the taste and aroma of freshly prepared coffee. It is enough to reach for filters bleached using the oxygen method, as the other way is bleaching using chlorine, and this is known to be used for swimming pools or water purification. You can also use reusable filters, but you have to remember to keep them clean, which is not always a simple task. If coffee particles get stuck in the filter, it will be less efficient, which will affect the whole brewing process. 

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