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The best cafes in Warsaw

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Can you fall in love with Warsaw at first sight? Of course you can. The city impresses both with its historical monuments and its contemporary architecture. What distinguishes Warsaw is the diversity of the people who live here. There is a saying about the people living in this city that they don't walk here. They are always running somewhere, rushing here and there. The city is characterised by a landscape of mixed glass houses and sad post-communist tower blocks. But is it possible to have a coffee somewhere nice in Warsaw? Does this city have cafes to offer where you can have a nice coffee time with friends or family? Let's check out the top 5 cafes that are the most talked about in this city.

Warsaw - trivia

Warsaw is undoubtedly the largest Polish city. It is worth mentioning that around 2 million people live in 18 districts. The heart of Warsaw is the city centre, which is distinguished by the historic Palace of Culture and Science. Some of the inhabitants of this great city regard it as a relic of the past, which should have been demolished long ago, but quite a large group of Varsovians treat the Palace of Culture and Science as a symbol and showpiece of Warsaw. It is the tallest building in Poland and houses theatres as well as museums and cinemas. Warsaw is also home to the beautiful Old Town as well as Łazienki Królewskie Park and Wilanów Palace.

The 5 best coffee shops in Warsaw


STOR is undoubtedly an iconic coffee shop that started serving coffee almost a decade ago. Today, it is regarded as one of the most important addresses for anyone who loves the taste and smell of coffee. Three elements contribute to the uniqueness of Stor, which today operates in two locations. First and foremost are the beautiful interiors, the extraordinary people and the excellent and delicious coffee. The café's menu offers something special for everyone. Both traditional espresso and cappuccino based on beans from a local roaster are served here. In addition, a variety of pour-overs and non-coffee alternatives such as matcha latte or kombucha are also on offer. The café is also distinguished by its commitment to sustainability local cafés, which brings with it a number of initiatives and events.


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Three Ravens

When it comes to interesting cafes Warsaw is not to forget about the Trzy Kruki café. To drink delicious coffee in this nice place, we have to go to Praga. What attracts coffee drinkers to Trzy Kruki is its very stylish interior. If any of you like minimalist style. the interior of the place will delight such people without a doubt. Characteristic of this café are the high windows, which fill the interior with light. Distinguishing features of this place are simple furniture and lamps, as well as decorations such as plants and floral compositions. In the Trzy Kruki café, you can drink a decidedly the best coffee in the city, which is served in all variations. Customers recommend the local overflow. According to the café regulars, it is aromatic and very delicate. If someone develops a craving for sweet baked goods to go with their coffee, they can rest assured. At Trzech Kruki, this has also been taken care of. The menu includes, among other things, classic cinnamon buns, yeast cakes with roasted butter and puffs generously filled with pistachio cream.

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We are returning to the left side of the Vistula, because it is here that we can meet a now cult local. We're talking about Mokot's Relaks, where you can sip delicious coffee all day long. A wide selection of beans from the four corners of the world awaits coffee lovers. It's also worth ordering a sweet breakfast, such as French toast with sugar-coated apricots or pastries from the truly French pastry shop L'emotion. In the afternoons, the café transforms into a cosy wine bar with a huge selection of bottles from Relax magazine. It's the perfect place to an afternoon glass of wine with great music, and the dominant style here is jazz. The poster selection is worth noting on site. Practically all the walls are occupied by them, which adds to the venue's special charm. The new version of Relax has just opened on Miodowa Street, which is very close to the Old Town.

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Miss Mellow

Walking along Wilcza, we come across the wonderful and much praised Miss Mellow cafe. There probably isn't a person living in the area who hasn't visited this fantastic café. The inner-city café-bakery not only supplies baked goods to many local addresses, but also serves them in the premises under its own banner, which undoubtedly attracts more and more visitors. Although there is room for a maximum of two people in the tiny interior, there are several tables in front, and it is the atmosphere here that gives the café its unique aura. real gourmets after all, they like it best. As well as coffee classics, Miss Mellow also offers seasonal baked goods such as plum galette and chocolate puffs and earl grey cream donuts. Without a doubt, Miss Mellow is the place to come with friends to chat while enjoying a delicious coffee to which you can add some tasty accompaniment.

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Ministry of Coffee

The last but not inferior café is Ministry of Coffee which is located at Zbawiciela Square. It is a simple café with seating by the pavement serving us artisanal coffee and delicious snacks. Ministry of Coffee is also one of the cult places on the map of Warsaw, which has been serving us great coffees for 10 years. We can get there classic coffees, from a quick pour and also their original coffee-based lemonades. In addition, we can order delicious tartalettes, almond cake, meringue or cheesecake. The Ministry of Coffee has also opened its second café in Bielany at 46 Aleja Zjednoczenia, where the coffee is equally delicious and is worth a visit.

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