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The best cafes in Rzeszów

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Rzeszów is a modern city that has seen many changes over the last thirty years. It is a place that is constantly evolving, both in terms of urban development and in terms of improving the quality of life for its residents. A thriving economy provides jobs not only for local residents, but also for visitors. A large number of schools, kindergartens and crèches are built every year, as well as universities where young people from all over the world study.

Café Rzeszów - which establishments are worth visiting?

Rzeszów also boasts a very well-kept, charming city centre, where there is no shortage of atmospheric restaurants and cafés.

As is widely known, coffee is a beverage without which most people cannot imagine functioning on a daily basis. Most of us drink this beverage at least once a day, and some even several times. It is also a good excuse to meet up with friends or go on a date in a stylish pub, and there is no shortage of such places in Rzeszów.

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Hola Lola

One of the most popular coffee shops in this city is the iconic 'Hola Lola' pub. It is a very good place to start the day there with a cup of your favourite drink. They serve a variety of coffees, from the traditional to the latest styles, with different toppings and combinations. The place also offers traditional breakfasts or a slice of delicious, fresh, homemade cake. For those in a hurry to get to work, there is a range of takeaway coffees to go with an energy bar or a light breakfast.

Hola Lola is a café that customers appreciate mainly for its fresh coffee, tasty food, pleasant and professional service, and for its convenient location for tourists. After a coffee and a snack, you can head off to visit the Museum of Bedtime Cartoons or the Rzeszów Cellars.

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Old Gingerbread

While in Rzeszów, it's worth stopping off for a coffee at the "Stary Piernik" café. It is a perfect combination of a confectionery cafe and a restaurant. In Stary Piernik, the choice of coffee is huge and it's hard to decide on something. You can find this drink served in the traditional form, brewed, but also with alcohol, with ice cream or with the addition of flavoured, delicious syrups in many flavours. The restaurant has a wonderful décor that is sure to appeal to everyone. It is the perfect place to relax after a hard day's work.

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Cafe Floor

Another interesting proposal is the "Floor Cafe". It is a place in the very centre of Rzeszów, in the very market square, very atmospheric. You can feel very comfortable here, calm down and relax, as well as drink a wonderful coffee with a loved one. There are different types of this drink to choose from, and you can also enjoy tea, mulled wine or natural juice. It is the ideal café for all lovers of vinyl records, as the décor is inspired by the famous Vinyl Cafe venue. Nearby is the Multimedia Fountain and many interesting Art Nouveau villas.

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Where else can you get a good cup of coffee?


For lovers of caffeine at its best, we recommend the atmospheric, stylish venue that is 'Coffeina'. Café This one has a varied menu, which is dominated by coffee served in a variety of ways. The restaurant is also famous for its delicious breakfasts, filling and giving you energy for the day. Coffeina also offers its customers tasty cakes, ideal with coffee. The decor of the place and the professional service make anyone who visits this establishment feel at home. An ideal idea is the glass display window, through which you can watch the city traffic while slowly sipping your coffee and enjoying a sandwich.

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Slow Cafe

Also worthy of recommendation is cafe "Slow Cafe. It is a unique and cosy place where time passes slowly over a cup of coffee. It is the perfect place for a romantic date or for meetings with friends. Every coffee lover is sure to find something to his or her liking here. The menu offers a variety of different types of these drinks, served in a variety of ways, as well as sweet croissants, banoffee cake and many other tasty snacks with meat as well as vegetarian options. Everything can also be purchased to take away.

The venue is run by passionate baristas who, as they say about themselves, are obsessed with the quality of the food they serve and its taste.

"Powoli Cafe" is a place that every tourist visiting Rzeszów should visit. You can rest comfortably there after a day full of excitement, or you can start your sightseeing tour of Rzeszów right here, as most of the places worth seeing, such as the House of Fear, the Park of Culture and Recreation and many others are located nearby.

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Advantages of coffee shops in Rzeszów

Apart from the above-mentioned places, the most popular in this city, there are many more establishments worth visiting. As the capital of the Subcarpathian region, Rzeszów offers tourists, as well as locals cafés of the highest European standardwhere you can not only start the day in a tasty way, but also gain energy for sightseeing and exploring the city. Cafés in Rzeszów are popular with Polish and foreign tourists.

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