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The best cafes in Poznań

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Poznań is a huge agglomeration inhabited by many students and foreigners. And it is precisely because of this that many excellent cafés. They are mainly concentrated around the historic Old Town, although good coffee can also be found in other districts. An interesting phenomenon is the new cafés that have sprung up just after the pandemic, especially in neighbourhoods that did not previously offer anything special. Some neighbourhoods, which for decades were shrouded in disrepute, have recently changed dramatically to become social meeting places.

Poznan - curiosities

Poznań is the fifth largest city in Poland. Interestingly, it leads the way in terms of education, standard of living and safety. It was founded in the 10th century, and in the Middle Ages the fortified ducal city of Poznań was located on Ostrow Tumski. Numerous examples of Renaissance architecture can be seen in the Old Market Square, including the town hall with goats on its tower. Every day at noon, Poznań residents have the pleasure of hearing the bugle call played on the trumpet.

Best coffee houses - Poznan

Of course, there is no shortage of cafés in Poznań, but by reading reviews on the Internet and gathering information you have heard, it is worth highlighting the five most popular cafés in Poznań.

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Brisman is undoubtedly one of the most complimented coffee shops in Poznań. Customers emphasise that the service is extremely friendly and as a result, customers return to the coffee bar with a smile on their face. The owners and staff say that they are not a typical coffee shop, as they are always happy to find time to chat with customers to add to their range of coffee culture knowledge. This place is mainly a meeting place for students and young people who want to enjoy a coffee in a great atmosphere. Café menu offers a wide selection of coffees that come from all over the world. Naturally, there is something delicious for everyone.

Website: Brisman
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The Stall could not be missing from the list of cafés to visit. Interestingly, a few years ago Stragan was awarded, as one of the best cafés of the world! With its modern décor, as well as its delicious coffee and unique atmosphere, the doors to the premises practically do not close all day. The stall offers a wide selection of coffees prepared according to the client's wishes.

Website: Stall
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Piece of Cake

Piece of Cake is the place to go for more than just a delicious cake and doughnut. The place also serves delicious coffee exclusively from Specialty Coffee beans. Without a doubt, a great advantage of this café is that different cakes are served here every day. It is worth mentioning that the owners have so many ideas that customers can count on the variety of cakes served, which will be the perfect accompaniment to the coffee. It is also worth noting that they are all prepared on site. The coffee is brewed in a drip and aeropress, among others. The place is appreciated by customers for its unique atmosphere, friendly service and decor. The premises are suitable for both meetings with friends and business meetings.

Facebook: Piece of Cake

Cafe La Ruina

The owners of Café La Ruina are certainly flesh-and-blood travellers who are always on the road, but this has not been a problem for them to create a phenomenal venue. According to customer reviews, this place will steal many a heart, thanks to the excellent coffee you can get there. The design of the café is undoubtedly very special, and the wide variety of colours and objects there are a perfect match. It is not just its appearance that attracts visitors. It is especially worth a visit for the wonderful dishes from all over the world, not to mention the delicious coffee. In addition to the coffees from small roasters, you can also order something to sweeten your day. This is definitely the place to invite family, friends and children. What is noteworthy about this establishment is that it has a great atmosphere and the café staff are extremely friendly and approach each customer with great openness. The most praise the café receives is from children, who feel at home there. All the credit, of course, goes to the café staff, who take exceptional care of the young customers.

Facebook: Cafe La Ruina

Minister Café

When it comes to the best cafes in Poznań, the Minister Cafe is undoubtedly one of them. Many people even consider Minister Cafe to be their great love, which already shows us what kind of atmosphere prevails there. Already after the first visit, you can feel why the regulars praise the atmosphere of this a unique caféThe coffee here tastes somehow different, as if created by magic. The coffee comes from, among others, the Praska and Audun roasters, and the food menu will satisfy even the most discerning and demanding customer, as will the coffee, which once drunk at Minister Cafe will stay in your memory forever. You can also try the local baked goods, as well as delicious homemade sandwiches. You never leave this establishment unsatisfied, thirsty or uneaten. The décor of the pub is inspired by the concept of the Minister beer brand.

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