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The best cafes in Katowice

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Katowice is a sizable city, which offers its inhabitants and tourists a wide range of gastronomy. On the map of Katowice, you will find numerous cafés serving delicious coffee. It is worth getting to know the most popular establishments in the city. 

Coffee shops in Katowice 

Katowice is a city located in Silesia. It is the largest in the Upper Silesian conurbation, both in terms of population and area. The city is one of the largest economic centres in the country, but also offers a wide range of sporting, cultural and gastronomic facilities. With such a high concentration of services and facilities, Katowice is a popular destination for tourists. Within Katowice, there are numerous caféswhich serve delicious coffee and side dishes. The Katowice café is a place where you can enjoy different types of coffee, so everyone is sure to find something to their liking. The offer includes traditional coffees, but also alternatively brewed drinks for all coffee lovers. 

TOP 5 best coffee shops in Katowice


Among the best cafés In the Katowice area, the following can be mentioned in particular Kafej. The premises are located at 5 Chorzowska Street and are very popular with locals and tourists. The café offers both classic espresso coffee and a variety of alternatively brewed coffees. The café's staff are very helpful when it comes to choosing the right drink, so they are sure to advise you on buying something suitable. In the café In addition to coffee, a range of other beverages can also be found. These include all kinds of teas, cold drinks, as well as coffee-based drinks. You can also have interesting breakfasts on site, such as bagels from the oven and power bowls. 


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Photo Café

Another recommended venue in the Katowice area is Café Fotograficzna. Located in the very centre of the city, specifically at 4 Teatralna Street, the café offers both espresso coffee and coffee brewed using alternative methods. Speciality coffee is also worth a special mention. Coffee served in the café is characterised by its unique flavour and aroma, which is why this place is so popular with the city's residents. The coffee is served unhurriedly, so you can enjoy its delicious flavour. There are also other drinks on offer, including teas in various flavours, herbs and alcoholic beverages. A variety of snacks are also served, both sweet and salty. Particularly recommended with coffee are the pastries freshly baked on site, which go perfectly with cappuccino. 

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Synergia.dobremiejsce is another recommended coffee place in Katowice. It is located at Andrzeja Street 29/2, where you can enjoy a fantastic tasting coffee. The restaurant specialises in drinks brewed using alternative methods, so you can discover new flavours of your favourite coffee while you are there. It is also the perfect place to try coffee brewed in an alternative way. However, traditional coffee is also available on site. Various meals, such as light lunches, are also served on the premises to accompany the coffee. It's the perfect place to spend a slow morning, so it's well worth a visit during your stay in the city centre. A coffee outing can also be successfully combined with sightseeing in this beautiful city. 

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Another recommended place serving coffee in Katowice is Coffe-jka. Located at 21 Plebiscytowa St., the café offers mainly espresso coffee in basic variants such as cappuccino, latte and espresso. The premises significantly stand out on the café map Katowice primarily because of the unique taste of the coffee served, which appeals to even the most demanding fans of this beverage. In addition, the place has an extremely pleasant atmosphere, which is taken care of by the owners and employees. As a result, you can spend a pleasant time in the premises with a taste of your favourite coffee. In addition to coffee, you can also find a different assortment of drinks and dishes on site. The extensive menu offers sandwiches, salads, breakfasts, as well as smoothies and cold drinks. 

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Café project

When listing the best cafés in Katowice, you can't forget about a place like Projekt Kawiarnia. Located at 44 Kijowska Street, it offers excellent speciality coffees brewed in alternative ways. Among the alternative methods of brewing coffee at the premises are chemex and aeropress. The brewed drinks are a blend of coffees such as Bella, Caravan or Cignobianco. The coffees served in the café are of the highest quality, which is why their taste is so unique. In addition, a variety of sweets, such as cakes and pastries, as well as meringues, tarts and mousses, are served with the coffee in the premises. The pleasant atmosphere in the premises is conducive to enjoying your favourite drink and eating sweet desserts to improve your mood. 

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