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The best cafes in Gdansk

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In recent years, coffee shops in Gdansk have become very popular. There is no doubt that the coffee market in the Tricity is developing very quickly. Until some time ago, it was very difficult to get good quality coffee.

Cafes in Gdansk


First on the list is the Retro café located on Piwna Street in Gdańsk. However, it is not classic caféas the menu is very extensive. The choice is huge, so everyone should find something to suit their preferences without too much trouble. In addition to coffee, you can order hot chocolate and a sweet snack. Especially noteworthy is the fact that the machine is operated by Paweł Grzęda, who took sixth place in the Polish Latteart Championship.

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Printing House

Also worth recommending is the Drukarnia café at 36 Mariacka Street in Gdańsk. The place is characterised by its original interior and bookshelves. The coffee used here is of the highest quality, and committed and trained baristas are responsible for its preparation. It is worth mentioning that in Drukarnia you can buy souvenir cards designed in a minimalist way. Business cards and mugs are designed in a similar way, so you will never forget which coffee you had. However, good coffee isn't everything, as the place also needs to have a soul and the right microclimate. The ideal café is one that you don't want to leave at all. In a café you can work, relax or just sit and glance at people. There are many such places in the centre of Gdańsk, so it is worth going there. It is worth mentioning that the interior design of Drukarnia has not changed for 20 years.


Printing House
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Another great place on the list is the Kurhaus café located at 6 Aldona Street in Gdańsk. Particularly noteworthy is the beautiful interior, which is reminiscent of the 1950s and 1960s. The bright interior and dark coffee are perfectly matched with renovated chairs, sofas and tables. The atmosphere of the Kurhaus is unmistakable and it is certainly an establishment worth visiting. In fact, it is a club café and there are a lot of people here every day. It is a place where you can meet other people and exchange your knowledge and experiences. During the summer season you can also order cascara and coldbrew there. There is also a large selection of craft beers and sweets, so there is easily something for everyone. The best way to enjoy renowned caféswhich have been in business for many years and enjoy a good reputation.

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Next on the list is the Fukafe café, which is located at 22 Wajdeloty Street also in Gdansk. The café was established in 2012 and later turned into a vega eatery. Currently, it is again cafewhich also offers delicious cakes and snacks. The warm interior with lots of wood invites you to relax. You can drink very good coffee here, so you can recharge your batteries in peace. You won't find the beans present in most cafés here, so the selection is quite non-standard. You can also rely on the opinion of the experienced baristas, who can surprise you in a really positive way. You can also get vegan cakes and high-quality soya milk there. A great set-up for the coming spring seems to be bounty cake and cold brew.

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Choice of cafés

It is safe to say that a unique place is the Printing House Cafe. Experienced baristas who seem to know everything about coffee work here. There is no denying that this is a coffee shop that specialises in coffee alternatives. It is certainly the place for coffee freaks, as the beans are sourced from the best coffee shops.

Good Coffee

When in Gdańsk, you should also definitely visit Dobra Kawa on Grobla III Street. It is not only cafebut also a mini art gallery. It is a very cosy place that has a homely atmosphere. Once you enter it is very difficult to leave afterwards. They have a range of berry puddings, a vegan cheesecake and a buckwheat cake. Also noteworthy is the chia pudding with coconut milk, which is an absolute hit.

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From another parish

The 'From another parish' venue is also worth a visit. This is a place where no two cups are the same, yet everything comes together to form a coherent whole. You can smell the aroma of freshly baked pastry right from the entrance. In addition to tasty coffee, lime and chamomile tea personally dried by the owners is also available here.

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Mitte Bread and Coffee

Our list could not miss the café "Mitte Bread and Coffee", which is located on Rzeźnicka Street. It is a place where you can not only drink coffee, but also have lunch and a second breakfast. You will certainly want to try the delicious chorizo sandwiches with sun-dried tomatoes and a salad with blue cheese. The bread is really delicious as it comes from a traditional bakery in Olszynka. You can also order your coffee to take away and walk the charming streets of the city.

Website: Mitte Bread and Coffee
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Anima Cafe

The last place on the list is the Anima Cafe located on Holy Spirit Street. It is a cosy and intimate cafe with very friendly staff. It is a great place for both coffee and a healthy breakfast.

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