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The 10 most popular types of coffee in the world: The coffee guide

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Coffee is one of the most beloved drinks around the world. Its rich flavour, aroma and variety make it indispensable to many people. There are many different types of coffee, which vary in taste, brewing methods and traditions associated with their consumption. In this article, we will present the '10 most popular types of coffee in the world', which are loved by coffee lovers around the globe.

Espresso: A short, intense dose of coffee

Espresso is a classic coffee brewing method characterised by short extraction times and intense flavour. It is the basis of many other coffee drinks such as cappuccino, latte or americano. It uses a special espresso machine that squeezes the coffee essence from the ground beans under high pressure, creating an intense drink with a strong flavour and aroma.

Cappuccino: the classic combination of coffee, milk and froth

Cappuccino is one of the the most popular coffee combinations, milk and froth, which is held in high regard by coffee lovers the world over. It consists of equal parts espresso, warm milk and milk foam. The result is a harmonious combination of intense coffee flavour, creamy milk and delicate foam, often served with a little cocoa powder on top.

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Latte: fine coffee with creamy milk

A latte, sometimes also called a cafe latte, is another popular coffee drink that is based on a combination of espresso, warm milk and a small amount of milk foam. It is more delicate than a cappuccino, with relatively more milk, giving it a creamy taste and velvety texture. The latte is often decorated with a pattern on the surface, giving it an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Americano: the classic combination of coffee and hot water

Americano is a popular coffee drink that originated during World War II, when American soldiers stationed in Europe diluted espresso with hot water to produce a less intense drink, similar to traditional North American coffee. An Americano consists of one part espresso and one part hot water, resulting in a milder taste than pure espresso, yet retaining its characteristic aroma.

Macchiato: fine coffee with a splash of milk

A macchiato is a coffee drink characterised by the delicate taste of coffee with the addition of a little milk. The name 'macchiato' comes from Italian and means 'speckled' or 'decorated'. It is a reference to the way in which this drink is prepared, where espresso coffee is sweetened with a little milk, creating a characteristic 'spot' or 'decoration' on the surface of the coffee. Macchiato is a drink with subtle flavours, where the coffee is the main ingredient and the milk only gently complements it.

Mocha: Combination of coffee, milk and chocolate

Mocha, sometimes also called caffe mocha, is a coffee drink that combines the flavours of coffee, milk and chocolate. It is a combination of espresso, warm milk, chocolate syrup or dark cocoa, often served with whipped cream on top. Mocha has a rich and intense flavour, combining notes of coffee, the sweetness of milk and chocolate flavour.

Frappe: cool coffee with ice and milk

Frappe is a coffee drink originating from Greece that has become popular all over the world. It is a cold coffee made with coffee extract, cold milk, ice and often sweetened with sugar syrup. It is often blended with a blender to achieve a smooth consistency and served with ice cubes. Frappe is the perfect drink for hot days, with its refreshing taste and creamy texture.

Flat White: Smooth coffee with creamy milk

Flat White is a coffee drink originating from Australia and New Zealand that is gaining popularity around the world. It consists of espresso and creamy milk, served in proportions similar to cappuccino, but with a softer foam. Flat White is characterised by its smooth texture, intense coffee flavour and creamy milk accent.

Cortado: Strong coffee with a small amount of milk

Cortado is a coffee drink originating from Spain that consists of espresso and a small amount of warm milk. It is served in a small glass and is characterised by an intense coffee flavour with a minimal amount of milk, giving it a strong and definite character. Cortado is popular with coffee lovers who appreciate strong and intense drinks.

Turkish Coffee: Traditional Turkish Coffee

Turkish Coffee, also known as Turkish Coffee, is a traditional brewing method that has a rich history and is considered a true coffee ceremony. It is prepared by boiling very finely ground coffee in a special pot with water and sugar, and then served in small cups with sediment on the bottom.


It is worth experimenting with the different methods of brewing coffeeto discover your favourite flavours and aromas. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages, and the choice depends on individual taste preferences, time and the equipment at your disposal. Whichever method you choose, the key to a delicious cup of coffee is freshly ground, high-quality coffee and skilful adjustment of brewing parameters such as time, temperature and coffee-to-water ratio.

It is worth appreciating the variety of brewing methods and experimenting with different techniques to enjoy the unique flavours and aromas that coffee has to offer. After all, coffee is not just a beverage, but also a fascinating world of discovering new flavours and coffee experiences.

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