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Ristretto - what kind of coffee is it?

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It has to be said that ristretto coffee is not very popular in Poland. Many people do not even realise what kind of coffee it is and what distinguishes it from other caffeinated drinks. In good cafés, however, you can already find this type of coffee on the menu. What makes it different? What does it taste like? Is it strong? The answers to these questions can be found in the following article.

Time for a ristretto!

It goes without saying that coffee is best enjoyed when travelling, in an atmospheric café and in pleasant company. Ristretto coffee, which originated in Italy, has quickly gained fans all over the world, as it definitely stands out from the rest. However, it has to be said that it is real gourmet coffee. People who love milky, flavoursome coffees may not be convinced by the pronounced, thick ristretto, which is very essential. What will certainly surprise people who reach for a this kind of coffee is certainly its volume. Ristretto is drunk in small cups (even smaller than espresso) as it is at least half the size.

Have Poles taken a liking to the ristretto?

Poles have recently become huge fans of good coffee. Increasingly, many of them spend their mornings in cafés savouring the taste of a good, strong, aromatic coffee. Until recently, however, many have opted for espresso or a delicate latte. Since the ristretto appeared on the café menu, however, it has won the hearts of many. What is this coffee? How does it differ from espresso?
Many people will be surprised to see that a ristretto is even smaller than an espresso. An essential, strong and extremely aromatic coffee, it is prepared for a much shorter time than espresso and less water is added. It has to be said that it is very strong and after just one sip, you can sense all that is best about it. It tastes great in the morning for a boost, as well as at lunchtime with a good pastry. Those wishing to try ristretto should be prepared for the fact that it is a really small coffee (about two sips), which is sweet in taste, even though no sugar is added. In addition, many people claim that it is very strong and quickly stimulates, but it is worth noting that it contains much less caffeine than espresso.

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Recipe for ristretto

In fact, the first time a ristretto is worth drinking in a good coffee shop. It is extremely important to have a great machine and excellent beans. The barista usually brews the ristretto for several seconds (usually between 17 and 20 seconds). Less water is added to it than to an espresso, so the customer will receive much less brew in the cup than if they had ordered an espresso. However, this does not mean that this type of coffee cannot be prepared at home. However, it is also worth opting for a good coffee, which will be properly ground and then, with a small amount of water (15-20 ml), will produce an excellent essential ristretto after 20 seconds of brewing. You should drink this coffee immediately when it is thick and hot. Definitely one cup of such coffee to start the day is enough!

How to serve such coffee?

Many people cannot imagine a black coffee without something sweet. However, it must be stressed that sweets definitely detract from the taste of a good coffee, which is why it is advisable to dispense with any additives in the case of ristretto. No sugar, milk or spices of any kind are added to this coffee. It is a coffee that tastes best immediately after it is made, when it is hot, essential and very thick. However, this does not mean that you cannot have a glass of water after drinking it. As with espresso, in this case too, water can further enhance the flavour of this unique coffee. With this coffee, it is very important that the brewing time is really short.

Where to buy the right beans for a ristretto?

Many people forget that good coffee is all about excellent beans. Therefore, it is worth betting on proven, well-known brands, which can increasingly be found not only in shops specialising in coffee, but also in popular markets and even in neighbourhood shops. It is also worth checking out the offers of online shops, as this is where you can increasingly find good bean coffees, which are also perfect for the following uses coffee brewing ristretto.

Who is this coffee for?

Those who are not fond of thick, aromatic coffee will certainly not like the ristretto, as it is a drink for real gourmets of good coffee. However, this does not mean that those who do not like espresso will not like ristretto. Sometimes this coffee gains fans because it is rich in citrus and floral aromas and has a slightly sweet taste. Another huge plus of this coffee is that you don't feel the familiar bitterness when drinking it. Although it is dense, essential and aromatic, it gives the impression of being very light and delicate, so it is also perfect to drink during a break in the day, as well as during a company meeting or a visit to friends.

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