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RFA certificate - what is it?

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The Rainforest Alliance (RFA) is an independent organisation based in New York. It is extremely active in protecting the environment, without forgetting to promote corporate responsibility towards people working in Third World countries.

Rainforest Alliance - delicious coffee in a healthy world

This organisation awards certificates to farms and plantations that pay exceptional attention to the conditions of employment of workers. Although in European culture we do not have to face such problems - in Third World countries violations of workers' rights are the order of the day. Certified plantations do not employ people under the age of 15, workers have comfortable accommodation, free access to running water and medical care for themselves and their loved ones, and are not discriminated against, while ensuring health and safety at work.

The Rainforest Alliance cares about people, but also about the environment - absolutely no interference with the natural environment and landscape, wildlife, no chemicals, artificial fertilisers or genetic manipulation is allowed. A strictly observed taboo is the clearing of the forest - the plantations are integrated into the natural space, growing in the shade of freely growing trees.

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Fair Trade - a way to reconcile business and ethics.

Fair trade - simply put - is about levelling the playing field, supporting small-scale producers in Third World markets, enabling the global trading network to flourish and the social economy of tomorrow to emerge - putting a decent human life first.

The non-profit organisation Trans Fair is a support for small entrepreneurs from Third World countries. It offers them attractive trading conditions, allowing them to actively participate in the global economic machine. It is a bridge between producers from developing countries, who are looking for their place on the world business map, and consumers from developed countries, who are the main purchasing power.

The certification is awarded in a very restrictive way - it only recognises coffees that have been purchased from small producers from local plantations with an emphasis on a fair, non-undercutting price that allows the grower to support his or her family while working in decent living conditions. By the way, yes grown coffee means its unique flavour - There are no production lines or shortcuts here - each seed, maturing peacefully in natural conditions, is cared for and meticulously looked after by a grower who is trying to make a go of it.

BIO certificate

The only official EU logo for organic products.

It means that both farmers, intermediaries and coffee roasting plantmeet the stringent EU-wide requirements for organic food production. No plant protection products, artificial fertilisers or any other chemicals were used at all stages of production. The BIO symbol guarantees consumers an all-natural, ecologically pure product. The symbol guarantees that all participants in the coffee trade comply with strict standards and are under constant inspection by authorised certification bodies.

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