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Reliable and easy-to-use capsule machines

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Not so long ago coffee machine was a kind of luxury found very rarely in homes. Nowadays, it has become a standard and almost everyone who loves the taste of this unique drink owns one. Thanks to good quality coffee machines, it is possible to coffee brewing similar quality to that found in expensive coffee shops. It is a tool that undoubtedly develops a passion and love for coffee. However, it is worth sourcing good coffee machineto enjoy a daily dose of morning pleasure and a unique fragrance wafting through the house.

Is it worth buying a capsule machine?

Capsule coffee machines are available in virtually every shop, whether it is a super market or a smaller retail shop. Of course, we can most often find them in all kinds of electronics stores. Is it worth buying such a coffee machine and what kind would be suitable? Many people believe that it has more disadvantages than advantages. Are they really?

First of all, we have to realise that even the best capsule machine cannot come close to the quality of a real coffee machine. On the other hand, however, its price can be up to 10 times cheaper. In fact, a capsule machine is a level up from pouring hot water over ground beans, although in many cases it is undoubtedly a cost-effective purchase.

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Let's start by saying that the undisputed advantage of capsule coffee machines is their low price relative to real coffee machines. The cost of such a tool is on average 130 PLN. Of course, a very good quality capsule coffee maker can cost up to 500 PLN, but the difference between cheap coffee makers and expensive ones is negligible and it is hardly worth overpaying. The more expensive ones boast a higher operating culture and the ability to select the strength of the coffee being prepared. They also have a larger coffee tank and feature a built-in milk frother. So is it worth buying a more expensive model? Definitely no. The difference is minimal and the coffee quality itself is hardly any different.

Wide availability and low price are not all the advantages of coffee machines. Their low weight and compact size are others. They are great for small shelves placed in the workplace. Ease of use and simple cleaning are undoubtedly further advantages that may convince us that it is worth the purchase the coffee machine for capsules.

Capsule machine - which one to choose?

In fact, it does not really matter which company's capsule machine we choose. They are no different and the quality of the coffee produced is similar. There is no denying that coffee prepared in this way cannot compare to that prepared in a coffee machine. The selection of a suitable coffee machine should focus on its availability. In addition, the capsules for the machine must be readily available so that the search for them does not take too long. A capsule machine is very cheap, but the coffee from this machine is nothing but coffee fast-food.

Is capsule coffee healthy?

That coffee is healthy is an undeniable fact. We could write endlessly about its health-promoting benefits. But what about coffee in capsules? Is it unhealthy? Capsule coffee is not unhealthy, although the myth circulating that the chemical compound called furan, which is present in capsules, is dangerous, is exaggerated. Of course, coffee in capsules could be unhealthy, but the amount of coffee consumed would have to reach several cups a day. With this amount of coffee consumed, even coffee drunk from a coffee machine could do more harm than good. In addition, furan evaporates very quickly from prepared coffee, so by waiting 2 minutes after brewing, we can be sure that the harmful ingredient is no longer in our coffee.

Do capsules fit every coffee machine?

First of all, it is important to remember that capsules from different systems cannot be used interchangeably. This is mainly because they differ in shape and also in perforation technology. In simplest terms, specific capsules will only work in coffee machines based on a specific coffee capsule system.

Capsule prices

Unfortunately, the price of coffee capsules is undoubtedly a big drawback to coffee made this way. If you convert 250 g of ground coffee beans into a packet of capsule coffee, it comes out that a cup of capsule coffee is considerably more expensive. This is why many people choose not to buy a capsule machine, because the price of the capsules themselves, as well as the quality of the coffee and the requirement to use a specific capsule for the machine, are not very encouraging factors.

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