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Lodz - City of Cafes and Culture, the Ideal Place to Meet for Coffee

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Łódź is one of Poland's largest cities, with a rich history and fascinating culture. The city is famous for its textile industry, as well as its booming café scene. Cafes in Łódź are places where you can feel the unique atmosphere of the city, enjoy coffee in different ways and spend time in the company of friends or in an atmosphere of creative inspiration.

Łódź is a city with a unique character, where the past is intertwined with the modern. A wide range of cafés in Łódź will certainly satisfy the tastes of coffee drinkers with different preferences. From cosy cafes with rustic décor to modern establishments with designer interiors, there is something for everyone. Cafés in Łódź are places where you can feel the atmosphere of the city, saturated with creativity and energy.

Coffee shops Łódź

The cafés in Lodz not only offer excellent coffee, but also a variety of drinks such as teas, smoothies and cocktails. Tasty treats such as classic cakes, pastries, brownies or tarts are also very popular with visitors. Many Lodz café owners focus on quality and fresh ingredients, making the flavours authentic and memorable.

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Cafes in Łódź are not only places to enjoy coffee and delicacies, but also important cultural centres. Many of them organise art exhibitions, author meetings or concerts, making them a meeting place and inspiration for artists and culture lovers. Cafés in Lodz are also often the venue for workshops, presentations or film screenings, making them the centre of the city's cultural life.

TOP 5 best cafes in Lodz


Café Przędza is a charming place with a unique design that attracts both coffee lovers and good food enthusiasts. Located in the heart of the city, Café Przędza is known for its atmospheric and cosy space that makes guests feel at home.

It is the ideal place for those looking for an atmospheric space to meet with friends or to work on the computer. The interior of the café is decorated in an industrial style with vintage elements, which gives it a unique character. The old industrial machines, fabrics and threads that decorate the interior refer to the industrial heritage of Łódź as a textile city.

The café is renowned for the high quality of the coffee it serves. The café's menu offers a wide selection of speciality coffees, such as espresso, cappuccino, latte or flat white, prepared by experienced baristas who take care of every detail to make the drink a real delicacy for the palate. You can also find a variety of teas, cold drinks, as well as healthy juices and smoothies.

Przędza is also a paradise for confectionery lovers. The café offers delicious cakes and desserts, baked on site by pastry chefs who pay great attention to the quality of ingredients and original recipes. On offer are delicacies such as tarts, cheesecakes, brownie or muffins, which go perfectly with aromatic coffee.

An additional strength of Café Przędza is its approach to local and organic produce. The menu features dishes prepared with seasonal ingredients from local producers, making the food fresh, tasty and supporting the local community.

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Jaga Cafe

Jaga Cafe in Łódź is unique caféwhich delights with its unique menu and cosy interior. Located in a picturesque corner of the city, the Jaga Café is the ideal place to relax for a moment with a cup of aromatic coffee.

Jaga Cafe's menu is a real paradise for coffee lovers. It offers a wide selection of speciality coffees such as espresso, cappuccino, latte or seasonal coffees, prepared by experienced baristas. The café is also famous for its unique flavour compositions, such as coffees with added spices, syrups or aromatic notes, which make the coffee at Jaga Cafe taste unique.

Jaga Cafe is not only a café, but also a place where you can enjoy the flavours of other unique drinks and snacks. The café menu also includes teas, cold drinks, smoothies and healthy snacks. All products are carefully selected and prepared using fresh, natural ingredients.

The interior of Jaga Cafe is cosy and atmospheric, inviting you to spend some quality time with coffee and a good book or friends. The café is also tailored to the needs of working people, offering comfortable places to work on your laptop and free Wi-Fi.

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Hot Air Cafe

Hot Air Cafe is unique caféwhich delights with its unusual interior and delicious coffee. The venue is ideal for business meetings, romantic dates or meetings with friends.

Hot Air Cafe offers a wide selection of speciality coffees, which are prepared by experienced baristas from the highest quality coffee beans. Menu cafe includes lattes, cappuccinos, espressos, americano and seasonal coffee drinks. At Hot Air Café, you can also try unique desserts such as cakes, muffins and cheesecakes, which go perfectly with the aromatic coffee.

The interior of Hot Air Café is extremely atmospheric and attracts attention with its original design. The café combines elements of loft style with modern additions, which gives it a unique character. This makes Hot Air Cafe the ideal place for social and business meetings.

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Cafe Verte

Cafe Verte is a café that focuses on green values and delicious coffee. The café offers organic and fair trade coffee, allowing you to enjoy the taste of coffee without worrying about the impact on the environment and coffee communities around the world.

Cafe Verte's menu is not only coffee, but also vegan desserts and healthy snacks. The café focuses on natural and healthy ingredients, so there is something for everyone. Cafe Verte is also the ideal place for social or business meetings, due to its friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

The interior of Cafe Verte impresses with its minimalist and natural style. The café combines wooden elements with green plants, which gives it a pleasant atmosphere and allows you to calm down and relax. Cafe Verte also offers free Wi-Fi, allowing you to work or study in a pleasant atmosphere.

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Café in Podwyrk

The Podwyrk Café is a unique place in the heart of Lodz where you can enjoy high quality espresso coffee and special single origin coffees. The café also offers freshly roasted coffee, making each cup uniquely aromatic and tasty.

The interior of the Podwyrk Café captivates with its cosy and warm atmosphere, making it an ideal place to socialise, do business or work. The café also offers free Wi-Fi, allowing you to use the internet comfortably in a pleasant atmosphere.

The Podwyrk café focuses on quality and speciality coffee, and the bartenders are experts in their craft. The menu also offers snacks and sweets that go perfectly with a cup of aromatic coffee. Café It also offers iced coffees, smoothies and teas.

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