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Kopi Luwak or coffee from excrement

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There are different types of coffee, each person has his or her favourite, which he or she enjoys drinking even on a daily basis. W cafés you can order a variety of drinks, more and less exquisite. Coffee made from excrement certainly does not sound appealing, yet it has gained enormous popularity and people are prepared to pay huge amounts of money for such a drink.

Where does Kopi Luwak come from? How is coffee extracted from faeces?

The palm weasel is an interesting animal. It is a carnivorous mammal that inhabits tropical forests, but can often be found close to human concentrations, in Asia, the south and south-east of the continent. It is from the excrement of this animal that kopi luwak coffee is produced. The whole secret is that the palm weasel eats the cocoa fruit, but is unable to digest it in its entirety. It cannot digest the seeds, only the pulp. The seeds therefore pass through the digestive system, after which the animal excretes them. After passing through the digestive system of the weasel, something strange happens to the coffee beans. Their taste changes. They cease to be bitter. Coffee from faeces has an extremely mild, delicate taste. This is what makes it find so many fans who are prepared to pay really big money to drink it, despite its strange origin. For some people, the origin of this coffee absolutely rules out the possibility of tasting it.

Why is fecal coffee so expensive?

Why does coffee made from palm weasel droppings cost so much? You have to pay several tens of zlotys for one cup of kopi luwak. A kilogram of certified coffee beans can be purchased for as little as two thousand zloty. Compared to other species coffees This is an extremely high price. Many times in the history of the world, it has already been shown that people are willing to pay a lot for high quality. The rather exotic way of sourcing this coffee certainly attracts specific customers. In addition, it is impossible to deny this coffee excellent taste. All this makes copy luwak extremely popular. The effect of unavailability must also be mentioned. Only about 350 kilograms of the aforementioned beans can be harvested annually in the world. The greater the exclusivity, the greater the public's curiosity and, consequently, the demand.

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Is Kopi Luwak coffee worth trying?

Is kopi luwak coffee worth the sin? It is difficult to answer this question unequivocally. It is certainly worth asking oneself what the motivation is, what the reasons are, why the desire to try it arises. If it is simple curiosity, why does anyone hesitate? Indeed, for most people in Europe, the way of obtaining this coffee seems quite controversial, or to use a more blunt word, namely: disgusting. However, it is worth breaking through oneself sometimes, overcoming one's fears and weaknesses to try something new in life. However, one must consider the ethical issue. The treatment of palm weasels in those parts of the world where the aforementioned coffee is produced is not always appropriate. People who are driven by profit do not care about the welfare of animals. So it is worthwhile to get oriented on the subject and make a wise decision, perhaps asking about issues of animal welfare and ecology beforehand.

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