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Do you collect coffee cups? These are not to be missed!

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Coffee is a drink we make with love and drink with pleasure. For lovers of this aromatic beverage, a coffee cup is not only a "tool" to drink, but also a joy to admire beautiful tableware and even a way to express yourself and highlight your passion or personality. If you are one of those who collect coffee cups, you surely have your favourite models and designs. Do you feel it's time for some new gems to add to your collection? Here they are!

PLATINO cups and saucers

Cups with saucer are a classic in the world of coffee drinkers. However, these unique PLATINO saucer cups are more than just a coffee vessel. They are true works of art that impress with their elegant design and refined simplicity. Each cup has delicate decoration and an ombre finish. They are the ideal choice for those who appreciate a classic yet modern style.

Set of DUO NINA espresso cups

If you are an espresso lover, this DUO NINA cup set is sure to appeal to you. Each cup has just the right capacity to hold the perfect portion of a small black. The design of these cups is minimalist and modern, which perfectly matches the distinctive taste of Italian espresso. You will also find saucers that complete the set and make drinking a small coffee a great pleasure.

DUO Ethnic cups

If you are a fan of more colourful and unconventional designs, the DUO Ethnic cups are the perfect choice. These cups are decorated with ethnic folk-inspired designs that will take you on a journey through the corners of Poland. Each cup is unique and has its own unmistakable pattern, which makes collecting them a source of satisfaction.

Cup in peacock with gold elements

If you like luxury and the glitter of gold, this cup in majestic peacocks with gold elements is made for you. This teacup is craftsmanship and decoration. It delights your guests, and even if it is only meant to be admired and displayed in a cupboard, it evokes joy and delight.

Pimpernel William Morris cups elaborately decorated with paintings

If you are a lover of art and history, then Pimpernel William Morris teacups are sure to appeal to you. These teacups are decorated with reproductions of classic paintings by the famous English artist William Morris. Each design is a small work of art that transports you to a world of romance and 19th century aesthetics. They are not only cups, but also history and culture that will bring a unique atmosphere to your collection.

Collecting coffee cups is not only a passion, but also a way of expressing your style, your personality. Whether you prefer classic design, ethnic patterns or artistic paintings, there is a cup that will fit perfectly into your collection. Each one we have listed has its own unique charm and value that will make drinking coffee not only a daily ritual, but also a real pleasure for the senses. You will find them in Prymus white goods shop.

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