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How do you create a winning strategy?

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Everyone dreams of a great life - in joy and happiness, with good health and excellent relationships with people, realising their full potential and achieving success. Are you sure that your life is exactly like that? Are you living the life you dream of? The reason for your happiness or unhappiness, success or failure, victories or defeats, depends only on you.


Most of us dream of becoming a very rich and successful person. It is a common misconception that in order to achieve this, you have to try very hard, work hard and often forget about life, which passes so quickly. To avoid this, you should always do what you love and earn well from it.

Depending on what your global goal is, your strategy for success may be different. If you are a big business owner, growing your company and trying to take it to the next level, you need to develop a serious strategy for the future and follow it step by step. But if you are an ordinary person who is just taking the first steps towards success, why not try your hand at gambling?

In the past, you had to go to a big city, spend a lot of time and money on gaming clubs. Today, the situation has changed dramatically. It is possible to train online, to test different strategies and tactics in the game. In addition, you can always use promotional codes for casinos, so you get the opportunity to practice and develop your own strategy for success.

But one thing at a time. So let's consider together how to become a winner in life and what it requires. If we are talking about success and large-scale strategy, the best option is to consider an effective strategy for running any business. As the saying goes, great success is not possible without great effort. But with the following recommendations, your company or even a small business will reach a much higher level.

It all starts with a strategy

Strategy is the force that helps a business achieve a specific goal. There is a reason why people argue about the need for a long-term strategy - everything changes very quickly and planning for 5-10 years does not make sense. Time has sped up, but strategy cannot be neglected as it is an opportunity for expansion, increased profits and growth.

How do you properly create a winning strategy that works?

The strategy should be simple and clear

A winning strategy is, contrary to misconceptions, not complex charts or voluminous texts, but a simple, short and clear document. The success of a strategy depends on how well it is understood by investors, employees and partners.

2. as clearly formulated an objective as possible

No strategy is complete without a clear set of objectives and a clear understanding of the goals. Objectives should be objective and specific.

For example, at some point we began to realise that our sales strategy, focused on geographical coverage through our partners, was no longer able to provide the level of expertise and competence required to provide a high-quality service to our customers. We formulated objectives and set tasks to transform the current territorial model into an industrial model, where we focus on key industries for which there is a defined product portfolio and competence development is possible.

3. the tactical plan should be flexible

A strategy does not work without a proper tactical plan. At the same time, something can go wrong in the process of implementing it. However, no matter what critical or crisis situation your company is facing, you must stick to a planned and clearly formulated strategy. You can't change the objective, but you can revise the tactics according to changes in the market, changes in the company and changes in the team.

For example, when trying to change the sales model, not all employees may support the idea of transformation, so the necessary business processes will not be built. In this case, you will have to part with some of the old team, recruit a new one and start breaking ground by building a new structure.

4. Proper management of resources and understanding of growth points

It is necessary to have a clear understanding of what resources are needed to achieve the goal and where to get them if they are insufficient. It is important to understand the strengths and weaknesses, soberly assess the shortcomings, if any, and proceed according to the current picture.

5 SWOT analysis

In order to achieve the objectives, it is not only practical to have instructions, but also to know where we are and what our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats are. This is the task of the SWOT analysis. It systematically sheds light on these areas. It works best with as many members of the company as possible, so that any non-obvious weaknesses and strengths can be better identified.

Strengths - This is where you describe your strengths. For example, what you are better at than your competitors, what advantages you have, etc.

Weaknesses - Here you can find out what shortcomings exist in the company. For example, shortcomings, problems, obstacles, etc.

Opportunities - What are the possible market opportunities and where are the opportunities for growth.

Threats - What dangers can arise in the market and what to watch out for.

6 Long-term objectives

After an intensive analysis of your vision, mission and SWOT analysis, you should also set goals. In this document you try to describe in 3-5 statements how you want to achieve your vision. In this way, plans are formulated briefly so that they are clear. This step also helps you to look realistically at how realistic or unrealistic the vision is.

7. development of an action plan

Final breakdown of the action plan. Here, clear actions are defined for the individual objectives for the year. Depending on the complexity of the annual objectives, these must be explained in detail. In particular, the action plan must be comprehensible to everyone so that employees or business partners can get a simple overview of the objectives to be achieved.


Strategy development is essential for any business, but it is not enough to simply create a strategy and shelve it. However, without a clear vision, mission, assessment of the status quo and overarching goals, creating an effective strategy will be difficult.

Only when you have all the pieces in place and are constantly questioning them can you be sure that your company is moving in the right direction and achieving its goals.

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