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How do you choose a good coffee machine?

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Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world. It is delicious, stimulating and can be served in many different ways. If you want to enjoy great coffee at home, you need to choose a good coffee machine.

The most popular types of coffee machines 

Coffee machines are machines that allow the preparation of different types of coffee, such as espresso, cappuccino, latte and milk. There are many different types of espresso machines, which vary in operation, price and capabilities. Some of the most popular types of coffee machines include:

Espresso machines

Pressurised coffee machines are the most popular type of coffee machine. They work on the principle of high-pressure water, which is heated to around 90 degrees Celsius and passed through ground coffee beans. This produces an aromatic and strong coffee.

Filter coffee machines

Filter coffee makers are simpler and less expensive machines than pressure coffee makers. They work by pouring hot water over ground coffee beans. This produces coffee with a delicate flavour.

Capsule coffee machines

Capsule coffee machines are very convenient to use. To prepare coffee, simply insert a capsule of ground coffee beans into the machine and press a button. This produces great-tasting coffee and aroma.

How do you choose a coffee machine?

At the choice of coffee machine Several factors should be taken into account, such as:

The type of coffee you want to prepare

If you want to prepare different types of coffee, such as espresso, cappuccino, latte and milk, then you need to choose a pressurised coffee machine. If you only want to prepare black coffee, then you can choose a transfer or capsule machine.


Coffee machines can be very expensive. If you're on a tight budget, you can opt for a pour-over or capsule machine.

Dimensions and weight of the coffee machine

If you have a small kitchen, then you need to choose a compact coffee machine.

Features of a good coffee machine 

Here are some key features a good coffee machine:


The power of the coffee machine is important because it affects the speed of coffee preparation. The higher the power of the espresso machine, the faster you will prepare the coffee.


Pressure is important because it affects the taste of the coffee. The higher the pressure, the stronger the taste of the coffee.

Heating system

The heating system is responsible for maintaining the correct water temperature. It is important that the heating system is efficient and heats the water quickly to the right temperature.

Additional features

Some coffee machines have additional functions such as pot heating, a milk frother or a timer. These functions can be useful if you often make coffee for yourself or for others.

How do I look after my coffee machine?

A coffee machine is an appliance that needs regular maintenance to run long and smoothly. Here are some tips on how to look after your coffee machine:

Cleaning after each use

After every use of the coffee machine, rinse the water tank, coffee strainer and steam nozzle with clean water. This will get rid of coffee and milk residues that can clog the machine.

Decalcification of the coffee machine once every few months

Limescale is a natural deposit that builds up in coffee machines. Limescale can clog pipes, nozzles and valves, which can lead to problems with the operation of the coffee machine. To remove limescale, use a special decalcifying agent for coffee machines.

Regular filter cleaning

Filters in coffee machines prevent dirt and sediment from getting into the coffee. In order for the filters to function properly, they must be cleaned or replaced regularly.

Keeping the coffee machine in a clean and dry place

After using the coffee machine, wipe it with a dry cloth to remove any stains. Store the coffee machine in a dry place to avoid corrosion.

Regular servicing of the coffee machine

Coffee machines should be serviced regularly by a qualified technician. Servicing will help prevent serious breakdowns and ensure that the coffee machine lasts a long time.

Disinfecting the coffee machine?

One of the most important maintenance tasks is the disinfection of the coffee machine. Disinfection removes bacteria and other microorganisms from the coffee machine that can cause mould and odours.

How do you disinfect a coffee machine?

There are several ways to disinfect a coffee machine. The simplest way is use of a disinfectant for coffee machineswhich is available in most convenience stores. This product should be dissolved in water according to the instructions on the package, and the coffee machine should then be flushed with the solution.

Another way to disinfect a coffee machine is to use of vinegar. Vinegar is a natural disinfectant that is effective in removing bacteria and other microorganisms. To disinfect a coffee machine with vinegar, prepare a 1:1 solution of vinegar and water and then rinse the coffee machine with the solution.

After disinfecting the coffee machine, rinse it thoroughly with water to remove any residual disinfectant.

How often should I disinfect my coffee machine?

The coffee machine should be disinfected at least once a month, and more often if it is used frequently. Disinfecting the coffee machine is particularly important if there are young children or elderly people in the home.

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