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Growing coffee at home

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Have you always wanted grow your own coffee? If so, there are some things you will need to plant and nurture. You will need good soil with the right nutrients, as well as plenty of water, which is key when growing everything from flowers to vegetables!

Coffee from the seed

Process coffee crops From seed is time-consuming and difficult. You need fresh, green seeds, which are hard to come by in our climate, but fortunately Robusta varieties make it easy for us; as soon as they are selected, put them in water, where they should be submerged at least 1 inch deep before planting - the fresher, the better they germinate! And if possible, please try not to press on top, as this creates air pockets in the soil, which can lead to some types of plant thriving while others struggle or die off completely.

Coffee seedlings

Why wait to set up your own plantation coffee beanswhen you can start with ready-made plants that are already growing and look beautiful?

coffee machine

Ready coffee seedlings are a great option for those who want to jump into the game of coffee brewing. All you need is a little soil and water, and these specially grown plants!

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