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Cortado - what kind of coffee is it?

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Coffee is a beverage that is made from roasted and then ground or instantised coffee beans. Coffee is usually served hot. It is one of the most popular stimulants in the world and the main source of caffeine. Coffee originated in the African country of Ethiopia. It appeared in Europe around the 16th century. One of the most popular stimulants in the world and main source of caffeine.

Cortado. What is this coffee and how much caffeine does it have?

Cortado coffee probably originates from the Iberian Peninsula. It was created in Spain, presumably in the Madrid area. Cortado coffee should be prepared in a ratio of 1:1. This means that a similar amount of espresso and milk is added. The original drink is sometimes served with condensed milk - it adds sweetness to the coffee. The coffee drink itself is neither tart nor bitter. The milk overcomes the astringency and bitterness. In the past, cortado coffee was prepared exclusively with condensed or plain milk. Today, however, an increasing number of people are adding plant milk to cortado. In order to achieve the effect of cutting through the layers of the espresso, white drinks with a high density should be chosen, as the milk should blend with the espresso, while gently dropping.

How much caffeine is in a cortado coffee? It is worth knowing that the base for the preparation of a cortado coffee is the espresso, in which we find the most caffeine. To prepare a cortado coffee, we need approximately 50 ml of espresso containing around 126 mg of caffeine. However, a lot depends on how exactly the espresso is prepared and which type of coffee we use. Robusta coffee, for example, contains twice as much caffeine as Arabica, so if you prepare a cortado coffee from it, you will obtain a drink with more caffeine content. Traditional cortado coffee can be brewed using espresso from an espresso machine - and it is this method that preserves a considerable amount of caffeine in the drink. Coffee prepared in this way provides approximately 100 mg of caffeine. This is why cortado coffee is consumed in the morning, as this amount of caffeine stimulates life and gives energy.

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Cortado coffee recipes

To prepare a cortado coffee, we will need 50 ml of espresso and 100 ml of plain/condensed/planted milk.

Cortado is usually prepared in a transparent glass. This allows you to watch the milk strips cut through the layers of espresso. The coffee is prepared using either a flask or pressure machine. It depends on which equipment you have. Once the coffee has been prepared, we can move on to the frothing milk. In the context of cortado coffee, this is one of the most difficult tasks, especially for those preparing it for the first time. The milk must be heated until it reaches a temperature of 65°C. The next step is to froth it using a frother. It is very important that the milk should not be completely frothy, but gently smooth. It is foamed using the flat white method. The espresso is poured over the milk prepared in this way, and in doing so, the white stripes are observed to cut through the black layer. After a few minutes, a froth of about 0.5 cm should form at the very top.

The preparation of cortado coffee is not complicated or time-consuming. It is the technique of frothing the milk that is most important. This must not be in the form of a traditional froth, because we use steamed milk, not foamed milk for Cortado coffees. The proportions of milk and coffee can be varied. If the coffee drinker prefers a more intense flavour, they can use a ratio of 1:1. Spaniards occasionally add less espresso and more milk to their cortado coffee. This gives them a soft, light drink.

Differences between a Cortado and a latte macchiato

When comparing the two coffees, it is important to note the slight differences that exist between Cortado and latte macchiato. The cortado coffee comes from Spain, while the macchiato comes from Italy. The drinks mainly differ in volume. The cortado is around 150 ml, while the macchiato can be as large as 250 ml.

The way the milk is prepared is also key. In the case of a cortado coffee, the milk must be scalded and not frothed, whereas in a latte macchiato you find gently frothed milk, which creates interesting layers. In a latte macchiato you will find layers, i.e. milk at the very bottom, then espresso and finally foam. In a cortado coffee, a froth should be produced, which will be smaller. The milk will cut through the espresso layer in an unusual way, but the traditional layers will not form.

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