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Coffee syrups - what should you know about them?

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Coffee is valued worldwide not only for its stimulating effect, but also for its unique taste and aroma. Many people taste of black coffee However, they do not like it and try to improve it with various additives. Sugar or milk, for example, are commonly used for this purpose, but special syrups are increasingly being added to coffee. What are they and is it really worth it? 

What are coffee syrups? 

However, before going into a detailed analysis of the various solutions and variants of coffee syrups, it is first necessary to find out what this product actually is. Is it some kind of artificial substance or is it a natural remedy? 

Coffee syrup is a special ingredient that is already standard in many cafés and is increasingly used at home. With it, it is possible to modify the drink significantly, making it delicious and dessert-like. 

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What are the most popular types of coffee syrups? Lovers of the beverage often turn to hazelnut, caramel, coconut, vanilla or banana syrups and, of course, chocolate syrups. Adding them to hot coffee will certainly make its taste truly unique. 

Are coffee syrups healthy? 

It is natural that many people wonder about the health aspect of consuming coffee syrups. This is because the question is often asked whether it is a safe supplement. Or is it a product that should not be consumed? 

As it turns out, coffee syrup is a completely safe product for your health, provided, of course, that it is consumed in moderation. This is because, like other sweets, it contains sugar. In addition to sugar, syrup also consists of water and natural flavour extract. Glucose-fructose syrup and preservatives are often added to the ingredients. However, it is important to know that the simpler the composition of the syrup and the fewer additives it contains, the healthier it will be. 

What do the most popular coffee syrups blend with? 

Now that we know what coffee syrup is, and are sure that it is safe for our health, it is now worth learning a little more about the different flavours, and what they go with. So what does it look like in detail? 

There is no denying that one of the most popular coffee syrups is the chocolate-flavoured one. If will add to your coffee with such a syrup also cream or ice cream, this will make a sensational coffee dessert. 

Another interesting composition is coffee with coconut syrup. In this case, the drink will become softer and will also acquire a specific, very pleasant aroma. Coconut shavings and spices will be an excellent addition to such a drink. 

If you are looking for something special for autumn or winter evenings, then walnut syrup is certainly worth a look. If the coffee is additionally flavoured with ground nuts or cinnamon, the result is a truly sensational combination of flavours and aromas. 

Can you make your own coffee syrup? 

Although coffee syrup is a really interesting addition that dramatically changes the taste of the drink, its big drawback is that it is relatively expensive. So it's not surprising that some people wonder whether it's possible to make it themselves. After all, its composition is quite simple and, in theory, it shouldn't be much trouble to make such a syrup yourself at home. Is this the case? 

As it turns out, such a coffee additive can be made yourself without much difficulty and should not take more than 30 minutes. The easiest way is to make the vanilla syrup yourself, for which you will need half a kilo of sugar, half a litre of water, and a few vanilla sticks. After adding the sugar and vanilla to the water, boil the whole thing for about half an hour, then cool and pour into a bottle. If the syrup cools, it can be used straight away. 

How much syrup to add to the coffee? 

Another thing to find out before making syrup yourself is how much should be used. In a café, the vendor is responsible for the correct dosage, but when making the syrup themselves, some people don't know how much should be added to the coffee to get the best flavour result. 

It is understood that it is best to add two, maximum three small teaspoons of syrup to coffee. This ensures that the flavour will change very little and you will get a perfect aroma. Too much syrup can disrupt the taste of coffee and make it too sweet and unpleasant. 

Is it worth using syrup in coffee? 

So, as you can see, the preparation and use of coffee syrup should not cause anyone any problems. Is it actually a product that should be used? 

Although coffee syrup is not a compulsory addition and some people will nevertheless choose to black coffee or possibly with milk, it is nevertheless worth having a special syrup at home. Even the occasional coffee with this will be a great experience that will be nice to repeat regularly. Especially since you can, after all, make the syrup yourself and be sure of exactly what will be in it. 

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