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Viennese-style coffee - how to prepare it and what to serve it with?

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Viennese coffee has more than one name. It may be prepared slightly differently in each café, but as a general rule, when a guest orders this drink, they know what to expect. Deviations from the recipe are not large and are more about the details.

The history of coffee in Viennese

Jerzy Franciszek Kulczycki is a Pole, an Austrian hero from the 17th century, inextricably linked to the Battle of Vienna. He was richly rewarded for his services. He took a particular interest in the coffee sacks that were the spoils from the enemy camp. With these he was able to open a café, the first in the city of Vienna in Austria. Regular coffee did not arouse much interest among the guests. Therefore, the idea was to think of additives that would enrich its taste and make the guests more satisfied. Regular coffee is quite bitter, so the idea was to sweeten it with honey and sugar. It was also decided to add milk. Over the centuries, the recipe has been modified, but the idea has caught on with public taste. Today, sweet, milky coffee is still happily ordered in every café.

Recipe for Viennese-style coffee

To prepare Viennese-style coffee, only a few ingredients are needed. It is certainly necessary to have strong coffee essence. You'll need between 2 and 5 cubes of chocolate, milk or dark, depending on individual preference. Sweet cream or fat milk is also useful. Whipped cream is essential. For decoration, cinnamon, for example, a spice that has a huge health properties for the human body. It helps fight diabetes and stabilises blood sugar levels. For coffee lovers for sweet, an extra teaspoon of sugar will work well. The cream or milk should be heated to the right temperature, which is a great art. The drink must not be allowed to boil. What distinguishes Viennese-style coffee is the so-called whipped cream blob on top. This blob can be topped with toppings of your choice, for example the aforementioned cinnamon, grated chocolate or cocoa.

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How and with what to serve Viennese-style coffee?

When a guest places an order at a café, he or she can choose Viennese-style coffee with any toppings, or just coffee if he or she is in a hurry or does not want anything extra. Viennese-style coffee is ideally accompanied by desserts that are not sweet per se. The Viennese coffee itself is already sweet, so there is no need for additional sweetness. A cheesecake or shortcrust pastry is ideal. Some love coffee Viennese style with ice cream, vanilla flavoured ice cream works well here. It makes a great combination. Viennese-style coffee is not just for big occasions, big holidays. It can be enjoyed every day, at work or in the afternoons, to relax. At family dinners, it is the Viennese-style coffee that is usually most popular. The guests know that it tastes great. So why not learn how to make Viennese-style coffee to satisfy your taste buds and serve something wonderful to your invited guests.

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