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Coffee enema - What is it, how to perform and is it safe?

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A coffee enema is a practice used in alternative medicine. It involves flushing the colon by introducing a mixture of brewed coffee and caffeine into the colon. Such a mixture is introduced into the colon through the rectum. This type of treatment has the immediate benefit of multiple bowel movements, which helps to cleanse the colon. If someone is struggling with constipation, a coffee enema can provide quick relief. Many proponents of this method also claim that it has other benefits in the form of increase immunity and removal of heavy metals and parasites from the body.

Coffee enemas - what risks do they carry?

Many doctors believe that coffee enemas should not be used. Although it has many supporters, it is a confirmed fact that coffee enemas can be potentially dangerous. It is advisable to discuss the decision to perform such a procedure with your doctor. If any side effects occur, medical help should be sought. Side effects with coffee enemas include severe pain, nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea and even rectal bleeding. It is worth weighing up all the pros and cons carefully before deciding to use this type of solution.

How to make a coffee enema?

In order to perform a coffee enema, you will mainly need kawa. However, it is important to note that you cannot use instant coffee or decaffeinatedbecause it is the caffeine content that is crucial to the success of the treatment. To make the mixture needed for the enema, mix 3 large spoons of coffee with one litre of water. Slowly add the coffee to the boiling water and boil for about 20 minutes. The solution is then allowed to cool and strained through a sieve. In many places, you can buy coffee that is specifically designed for enemas, and it is best to use such coffee if you decide to perform this type of procedure.
An important point to remember is that the solution needed for the enema should be at a temperature close to body temperature. The coffee enema must be performed in a lying position, remembering to breathe deeply. You should stay in this position for about 15 minutes to allow the coffee to diffuse evenly through the intestines. The solution should not be kept in the body for longer, as there is a risk that the intestinal bacterial flora may be overly flushed out.
Proponents of the coffee enema claim that it can be performed up to six times a day. However, it is important to remember to replenish fluids, which are washed away during the procedure.

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Coffee enemas and the removal of toxins

Toxins accumulate in everyone's body. Most of these are deposited in fat, which builds up cell membranes. The coffee enema, due to the caffeine it contains, inhibits the absorption of toxins and prevents toxins from travelling through the intestines to the liver.
For those struggling with constipation and the accumulation of toxins in the body, this type of treatment can prove salutary.

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