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Coffee shops worth a visit: Places full of coffee inspiration

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Many find it hard to imagine starting their day without coffee, which is why coffee shops are already busy first thing in the morning. Some people take a drink to go, others visit these types of places to relax. There are plenty of cafés with a unique atmosphere that makes you want to spend more time there. They are great places to meet up with friends or just to take a break from everyday life. 

Cafes for lovers latte art: places full of beautiful designs

If you want to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee in a unique place and are also an art lover, you will love the Cafe Store. You can count on an extraordinary atmosphere, feel as if you were in Paris or London, and enjoy the unusual smell of freshly ground beans. The atmospheric café impresses with its interior and beautiful design, which includes lush vegetation. 

You can count on delicious coffee served in porcelain crockery, with handmade gilding. Excellent pour-over coffee is prepared in a variety of ways, for example in a drip, chemex or aeropress. By the way, it is worth ordering something sweet, oatmeal with granola and fruit mousse, a vegan cake, a rich sandwich, etc. There is also a shop where you can stock up on coffee equipment, china, coffee and even plants. 

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Retro cafes: unique places with a nostalgic atmosphere

Lovers of retro style will certainly appreciate the atmospheric interior of a vintage café, i.e. a café decorated in the style of decades gone by. The interiors of such establishments are impressive, original and conducive to relaxing over an aromatic coffee among friends. Worth a visit is the Vintage Collective, a combination of shop and café, which is something of a museum, with a beautiful view of the park. Also worth a visit is the Winyl Café, a place ideally suited to long conversations with good company, with vinyl music playing in the background, creating a unique atmosphere. 

You can even buy records or put yours on consignment. A great option would also be Klubokawiarnia Mleczarnia, a sensational place at any time of the year. You can count on delicious coffee and cake in an atmospheric interior with retro décor. This is great for anyone who wants to bring an original mood to a meeting with friends. 

Coffee shops for hipsters: trends, creativity and unique menus

Hipsters also love being in cafésespecially those decorated in their preferred style. A much-loved venue is undoubtedly the Stragan café, which has a tradition of several years and serves specialty coffee. Drinks are prepared by experienced and qualified baristas, with titles of masters in their field. The café boasts its own roasting facility, which ensures that the coffee is always fresh, aromatic and essential. It is worth seeing for yourself, even if you are not a hipster. We can also recommend Cafe La Ruina with its delicious coffee and even better food, amazing desserts. 

Cafes amidst the green: nature's setting for relaxation

Relaxing with a cup of delicious coffee in an atmospheric place is a great way to spend your free time, even if you only have a few dozen minutes to yourself. It is worth going to a café with lush vegetation to de-stress, to feast your eyes on the beautiful views. You can also go to a coffee shop Minister Café, which has a wonderful atmosphere. Full of flowers and greenery is undoubtedly at the Concordia Taste venue, an atmospheric nook with delicious food. It will be nice to relax in a beautiful setting, on a rooftop with a green wall. 

Also noteworthy is Peruviana, where one can clearly sense the South American climate, created among other things by exotic plants such as palm trees and ivy. Another interesting venue is The Bridge Summer Bar, a place where you can enjoy your leisure time in the garden in summer. It will even be possible to relax on deckchairs, allowing you to feel the holiday atmosphere to the full. 

Cafes overlooking the sea: romantic places to enjoy a coffee with a view

It is extremely romantic to spend time in a café serving delicious coffee while looking out of the window at the beautiful views. You can therefore combine an aromatic drink with seaside scenery, which is conducive to relaxation. Gdynia Orłowo deserves special attention due to the multitude of atmospheric cafés with terraces, with views of the Baltic Sea through the windows. Not to forget the establishments in Ustka and Mielno, which are well known for serving coffee. 

If anyone is looking for a cosy café, then he or she should take a look at the range of seaside establishments, which is rich and varied. This will be a great option for people who want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city and appreciate quality coffee. Recommended are charming cafeswhich are run by passionate coffee lovers who care about their customers' satisfaction. In these places, drinks made from carefully selected beans, brewed using alternative methods and modern technological solutions, await guests.

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