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Coffee shops in Olsztyn: Unique places for relaxation and coffee pleasure

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Olsztyn is a charming city located in the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship, in north-eastern Poland. It is the capital of the region and an important cultural, scientific and tourist centre. Surrounded by lakes and forests, Olsztyn offers picturesque views and plenty of attractions for visitors.

One of the most important places in Olsztyn is the Warmia Chapter Castle, which bears witness to the region's rich history. This Gothic building, situated on Castle Hill, offers not only fascinating views, but also interesting exhibitions and cultural events.

Olsztyn is also known for its beautiful parks and recreational areas. The Central Park, surrounding the Castle of the Warmia Chapter, is the perfect place for a relaxing stroll, a picnic or a meeting with friends. Nature lovers can also enjoy the numerous lakes in the area, such as Lake Ukiel or Lake Długie, where you can enjoy water sports, fishing or simply relax on the beach.

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Cafes Olsztyn

In Olsztyn there are many charming cafeswhich attract both locals and tourists. This city offers a rich coffee culture and a variety of places where you can enjoy delicious coffee and a relaxed atmosphere.

Cafes in Olsztyn are characterised by a variety of styles and concepts. You can find elegant cafés with a classic décor, cosy places with a rustic character, as well as modern cafés with a minimalist design. Whatever your preference, there is something for everyone.

The largest number of cafes are concentrated in the city centre and around popular tourist attractions. Olsztyn's old town, with its picturesque streets and historic buildings, is often the place where many charming cafes can be found. In addition, the area around Lake Ukiel, which surrounds the city, is also home to many cafes with beautiful views of the water.

TOP5 best coffee shops in Olsztyn

My Café

Café Moja is a friendly place located in the centre of Olsztyn. Their elegant interior impresses with warm tones and modern style, creating an atmosphere of relaxation and cosiness. Here you can enjoy a variety of coffees, including aromatic espressos and creamy cappuccinos, as well as delicious homemade cakes and pastries. Café Moja is the perfect place to meet up with friends or take a moment to relax while exploring the city.

Website: My Café
Instagram: My Café
Facebook: My Café

Kofikada Coffee Roastery

Kofikada Coffee Roastery is a coffee roastery and café located in the heart of Olsztyn. Their unique interior combines modern elements with rustic details to create a unique atmosphere. Kofikada offers a wide selection of freshly roasted coffees, whose aroma and taste are unparalleled. You can try different coffee brewing methods here, and the barista is happy to share his knowledge and passion for coffee. In addition to coffees, Kofikada also offers healthy snacks and desserts to complete the coffee experience.

Website: Kofikada Coffee Roastery
Instagram: Kofikada Coffee Roastery
Facebook: Kofikada Coffee Roastery

House Cafe

House Cafe is a café located in the central part of Olsztyn. Their cosy interior with a rustic and industrial character creates an atmosphere of homely warmth. At House Cafe you can enjoy a wide selection of coffees, from classic espressos to creative lattes with barista designs. The café also offers a wide selection of teas, juices and healthy smoothies. It's the perfect place for a morning coffee, a lazy afternoon or a business meeting.

Instagram: House Cafe
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SiSi Café

SiSi Café is located in a charming part of Olsztyn, close to the centre. Their interior is characterised by a friendly and colourful style, creating a joyful atmosphere. SiSi offers a wide range of coffee specialities, including aromatic coffees from different corners of the world and unique coffee compositions. The café also offers freshly baked cakes, muffins and sandwiches. SiSi is a place where you can enjoy the taste of coffee and a pleasant meeting atmosphere.

Facebook: SiSi Café

Coffee Station

Coffee Station is modern café located in the centre of Olsztyn. Their minimalist interior is decorated in Scandinavian style, which gives it a fresh and simple feel. Coffee Station specialises in preparing high quality coffees with attention to detail. Here you can enjoy a variety of coffee drinks such as espresso, americano or creamy lattes. The café also offers healthy snacks and freshly baked cakes. Coffee Station is the perfect place to take a relaxing break during the day or meet up with friends.

Instagram: Coffee Station
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Each of these cafe has something special to offer, both in terms of the quality of the coffee, the atmosphere and the wide range of drinks and snacks. These are places that attract coffee lovers and provide a memorable experience for all visitors.

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