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The 5 best coffee shops in Lublin

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Lublin is a historic city with an amazing atmosphere. There are many places worth visiting here - recommended restaurants, cafés, pubs, monuments and clubs. Everyone will undoubtedly find something for themselves. However, if you are not familiar with the city, it is worth finding out some basic knowledge about Lublin beforehand. In this article, we will present a ranking of the best cafés in the city.

Why visit the city of Lublin?

Lublin is one of the oldest cities in the whole of Poland. It is currently home to around 350,000 inhabitants and covers an area of 148 square kilometres. Lublin is more than 700 years old and Polish traditions are still carried on there today. It is worth noting that nowadays, the city located in the Lublin Voivodeship is characterised by its modernity. You can spend time here in many interesting ways. What is more, there are two public universities in Lublin - the Catholic University of Lublin (KUL) and the Maria Skłodowska-Curie University (UMCS). In addition, young people also have the opportunity to study at Lublin University of Technology. Thanks to its rich educational offer, Lublin attracts many young people. The city is really modern, with nice roads, pavements, cycle paths, galleries and monuments. What's more, the city is inhabited by many foreigners, who feel really comfortable here. We are mainly talking about people from the Ukraine, black people or Asians. In Lublin, without exception, everyone will find entertainment for themselves.

Cafes in Lublin - which ones are worth visiting and why?

Lublin is a city with many places of interest. Particularly noteworthy are cafés.

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Trybunalska City Pub

The first of these is located at 4 Rynek Street and is the Tribunal City Pub. It is worth mentioning that the name of the place is related to the Crown Tribunal, which is located opposite. It is not only a café, but also a bar and a restaurant. The multifunctionality of the place contributes to its popularity. It is undoubtedly worth going there with your family, a group of friends, but not only! It is also a great idea for a first date. It will certainly be a memorable one. It is worth noting that you can enjoy a good cup of coffee and tea at Trybunalska, but also have a delicious cake or lunch. It is without doubt one of the better cafés in Lublin and a must-see for every tourist.

Website: Trybunalska City Pub
Facebook: Trybunalska City Pub

Heca Cafe

Another great place in Lublin is Heca Cafe, which is located at 5 Hipoteczna St. This place has a homely and cosy feel. It is worth noting that this place has works of art by local artists on the walls, which are replaced every month. This is an extremely attractive aspect. Supporting local artists by cafés is not at all common, and this should definitely change. After all, it is very difficult for young artists to make a name for themselves, and actions like this are very helpful. What's more, pets are welcome to enter the premises and can expect free drinking water. Another advantage of the café is that many vegan sweets can be ordered there. Heca Café is a very modern place, which is why it is very often visited by young people. There is a unique atmosphere there that you won't find anywhere else!

Facebook: Heca Cafe

Popular coffee houses in Lublin

Don't spill

At 4 Żwirki i Wigury Street is the Nie wylej cafe. The distinctive feature of this place is its ecological character, which influences a very important aspect - at Nie wylej no food is wasted! What's more, in this cafe you won't get plastic straws, but ones that are made of straw. Similarly to the Heca Café, you can get many vegan desserts here. What's more, in addition to the delicious coffee and tea at Nie pour you can get delicious lemonade, lunch and freshly squeezed juice. The zero waste spirit of the place certainly attracts many customers.

Website: Don't spill
Instagram: Don't spill
Facebook: Don't spill

ParZona Cafe

Another noteworthy place in Lublin is the ParZona Cafe at 51 Krakowskie Przedmieście Street, where you can enjoy a delicious coffee, a good breakfast and dessert. ParZona Cafe is decorated in an interesting style, which surprises many customers. It is worth noting that, unlike other places, you can order products from the breakfast offer here all day long! Be sure to also try the cakes, which are fresh and delicious every day!

Website: ParZona Cafe
Instagram: ParZona Cafe
Facebook: ParZona Cafe

Mrau Cafe

The last cafe worth mentioning in Lublin is the Cat Cafe - Mrau Cafe. Located in the centre at 6 Orla St., it is a unique place where you can have cake, lunch and a good cup of coffee or tea in the company of fluffy cats! It is certainly a very innovative café. If you are a lover of these four-legged creatures, you should definitely visit this place! It is worth mentioning that you can order a coffee there with a decoration in the shape of a cat. Mrau Cafe is a unique place where you can spend unforgettable moments. If you want to ask someone out on a date and you know they like cats, this is certainly the perfect place.

Instagram: Mrau Cafe
Facebook: Mrau Cafe

Now you know what five cafe worth visiting in Lublin. Now you know which cafes in Lublin are worth visiting.

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